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Winning design #77 by VEN1, Logo Design for Contest
Gold Medal

designed by VEN1

Project description

New website that is about learning how to become a race car driver online. The user receives video instruction and coaching online as well as in person. We want the design to be edgy, "fast", and something that can look good as a logo on a shirt as well as something blown up to be used as an advertisement on the side of a race car. Needs to look good in colors (red, black and silver/white palette) as well as black and white. Domain name must be integrated into the design or look good being spelled out below the log.

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  • About #77, @VEN1 I like this one but don't like how the drop shadow on the red part of the car is separated from on the wheels. Make it so those are connected and darken up the red so it's a deeper shade and I think this is the winner!
  • Hello Contest Holder

    Seems that there is some communication confusion out here.
    I cannot understand if u r providing ur feedback to my design?
    if yes then i sincerely request u to quit this section as all your feedback should go to our private feedback section rather then here which is general feedback section.

    i hope u understand.
  • do you have in mind:) #75
  • You never wrapped the red color with the thin black border like I asked. Are you going to be able to do this? If so, you'll likely be the winner. Also what format will you be able to send the image over as? I could use .ai, .psd and .png #23
  • The design that you did that showed it ona a helmet and car and grey background that looked like a shirt. You outlined the red with a thin black line. That's what I'm looking for and remove the flag
  • ?? #46
  • Let's try and just outline the the red with a thin black line like you did the shirt design and a checkered pattern beneath the domain name #42
  • I'm leaning to the top rated design now by one of the other designers
  • Hi Ch, I've upload my entries. hope you like the concept. : ) #43
  • Can u please check and see if i can be your best designer for this contest?

    pls let me know your frank views :)

  • Maybe try the checkered flag under the domain name #41
  • Maybe something more like 38 with the flag #41
  • I like the red outlined in black like you have here. So far this is winning but the checkered flag doesn't look very good so let's pull that out. Maybe try something more abstract with the flag like some of the other designs. #41
  • Also is there any way you could spruce up the font so it's not so flat, give it some depth and dimension in some way. #23
  • I really like this design! It looks clean and to the point. I race Ferrari's though, but I like the lambo! Do you have a Ferrari sketch? Also, I'd like to see the red toned down to be a little deeper red than this, although I still like this. Also, is there a way to integrate a checkered flag like some of the other designs? #23
  • The flag on this one should probably be bigger like #20 but separated from the letter R like you did here. #21
  • This one the gear and the color of the letters blend together too much. Also can you use the font from #23. They look the same except the letter "A" looks better on #23. #20
  • Perhaps also removing the gear in favor of the checkers that #13 did as it looks very clean. #21
  • This flag design is probably the best out of all of them. I really like the style of the letters of #11 by Bazoka but it was too abstract. I wonder if you couldn't stylize the letters a bit more to give them that 3d textured look like #11. #21
  • Like the shading of the top letters, arrow kind of gets in the way of the letters on this one. Somewhere between your first one and this one would be good #26