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Winning design #156 by QUANG, Logo Design for Contest
Gold Medal

designed by QUANG

Project description

After a week of viewing entries, we have a better idea what we are looking for. We are targeting woman and want an upscale and classy logo. We do not want highly suggestive images used in the logo, (ie, no vibrators, dildos, male or female genitalia, etc). We do however like the use of handcuffs, hearts, pitch forks, devil horns, whips, or classy female silhouettes that do not look pornographic. We especially like handcuffs in the image, but this is not a must.  We definitely want .com in the logo, however it can be any size. We only want to use the hot pink color we provided, white, black, and shades of gray. The logo will be placed on a black background. Thank you all for your entries.


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  • A collage of public domain images, stock photos and personal illustrations. I wanted to bring some vintage class to something private and discreet. I like the symbolism of a key vs literal devil horns, hand cuffs etc. #206
  • Same silhouette but slightly biger... #204
  • Maybe this silhouette... #203
  • Maybe this silhouette... #202
  • Last one for me...good luck Paul, there's some great designs posted!! :) #201
  • :) #199
  • About #196, @NewDesigns Thanks, really helpful comment...I will try something else.
  • Another version of last, toy in white this time. #198
  • Trying a cupid this time with the heart. #197
  • I will be glad to hear your opinion... #196
    • @NewDesigns This is my favorite one of yours yet. I like the stacking of the text better than all in one line. I like the handcuffs shape in this one better as well. Not sold on the female silhouette for two reasons, first her "right arm" looks as though it must be straight up next to her head, sort of like a cheerleader, and when the figure is small I just see a line coming from her head. Second, I think this silhouette may be a little to sexually positioned for me. I really like the idea of a silhouette but in a more playful and SEXY position as opposed to a SEX position. Thank you again for the entry.

  • I like the font and the S with devil horns and a tail is great. Would like .com added to it. Also, I feel in could use something else going on to make it stand out more. I like the shadows and lights coming from behind as example. Or whatever you feel it could use to glam it up a bit. Thank you #40
    • About #40, @wilkins_paul - Hi Paul! Thank you very much for your reply and I apologize for a delay. Please see my newest revisions: #186, #187, #188 & #189. I have stayed with my original concept, but make it to stand out more. In addition I created another concept with 2 S in the text and as icon - angel and devil. In the icon they are connected creating a heart. I was also thinking if you will have a wrapping paper both of these icons could nicely fit as seamless pattern.
      I am hoping you will like it.
      If you need any other changes, let me know.

    • @Babba Thank you for your entries. Love the two SS symbol you made. Looks cool and marketable. I like the angel part of the Sex but am still not sold on the devil horn/tail S of Store. However, good look overall

    • @wilkins_paul - Thank you for your feedback! What about leaving those elements from the name and leave it as an icon itself? So SS is all about sex, and having reconciliation of angelic & devilish sides of an woman into the love, what was my initial idea of the icon. Please see entry #190. Regards

  • Thank you for your review! #184
    • @QUANG I enjoy this one as well, but like the white background image better #185. This background is not as noticeable, perhaps if it were brighter. Thank you!

  • Thank you for your review! #185
    • @QUANG Super cool background! I could see printing this on our bags for sure! Thank you

  • Thanks for your feedback! #156
    • @QUANG Fabulous! Thank you, looks great on white background as well so we can print our logo on documents and stunning in black on the website!

    • @QUANG Love the logo as is!!! Wondering if you could add some type of background behind it so that I may compare that look against the solid black background? Thank you

  • Thank you for your entry. The background is absolutely awesome on this! I think this logo is very professional, and while I enjoy the look of the feather, I would like something more suggestive of sex toys, such as handcuffs, etc. Also, while I think this text reads feminine and professional, I see a younger tone in the S on Sex, as if the swirling off to the left reminds me of a younger girls playful handwriting. Don't get me wrong, looks great, just would like the feeling to target a more mature audience. #175
    • About #175, @wilkins_paul Yes I see that, I will make it a bit less playful and little more... hard play!! Thanks for taking time to give feedback. Kind regards, Liz : )

  • Design on black only. #177
  • design concept with my original text. #176
  • sharp and simple #173
    • @Miodesign Thank you for your entry. For me the design is too simple. I have found I am drawn to the more intricate designs. It is also harder for me to read this as it looks like one long word. Thank you again

  • Clean and simple design, meeting your brief with regards to colours, text and icons. 100% custom drawn icons
  • About #163, @NewDesigns Ok. Thank you. I have tried all your previous suggestions implemented it on one design ... everything you like on all other my designs ...