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This was my first experience with DesignContest and overall, it's been interesting. The design process was easy with the designers very willing to work with me to get the logo right,

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Winning design #84 by joanick, Logo Design for Pty Ltd Contest
Gold Medal

designed by joanick

Project description is a positive psychology consultancy. S.P.A.C.E is the acronym I want to feature in the designs. S.P.A.C.E. stands for; strengths, purpose, awe, connection, engagement. These are essential elements of holistic well-being. S.P.A.C.E will provide training, workshops, coaching and development to schools, individuals, community groups and the corporate sector.

Well-being is about more than good mental health, although that's a really important aspect. It's also about finding ways to live meaningfully and embrace life with both hands. Mindful living, using your strengths, finding ways to connect to others and being open to wonder and awe are skills that can be learned. 

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  • About #9,I'm ok to finalise project by mail.
    Best regards
    • @axel_sonnet - Axel, you are not allowed to have outside contact with the client. Only way to finalize the project on DC is on DC finalization page, by signing Transfer Rights Agreement. At finalization page client will have additional 7 days to work with the winner on minor changes after he/she chooses one. Consider this as a serious and last warning.
      DC moderator

    • @Babba Ok , thanks for the feedback , i'm a recent user, i didn't pay attention ^^

  • This is Admin Sharie

    A message to all.......... No outside of contest contact is allowed. All communication between designer and client remains in the contest. Any and all comments remain here on the comment page. If you are chosen as winner then communication stays in the finalization area. You upload the files and work with the client in the finalization area. No exchange of email is allowed

    thank you
    • @sharie Ok, didn't knew that, thanks for your feedback!

  • This is beautiful. Thank you for being so responsive. #84
  • Perhaps as the client I could make a polite request? Please don't discuss your personal or creative differences or disputes with each other in my design contest. It is the height of unprofessional behaviour. If you have a disagreement with another designer please take it elsewhere. This is an open contest and naturally as I (the client) respond to different designs, each designer is going to modify accordingly. If I say I love purple, then a designer is hardly going to present me with orange. It is the nature of this format. There are obviously forums elsewhere for resolving this, and I strongly object to anyone hijacking my process (which I have paid for). Thank you.
  • I like the font in this one, and I quite like the way you have used the line on either side of Center. #82
    • @eloise_hicks I'm glad you like it:) Is there any changes you want to improve it?

  • I love the Tree of Life, very beautiful and relevant to my business. #73
  • Hello Eloise, Here are the double face version. #72
  • About #60, @punkscratch13 Love it with the grey words too!
    • About #60, @eloise_hicks
      thank you. I hope it will be your logo :)

  • About #59, @punkscratch13 I love it!
    The colour is wonderful. Thank you :)
  • The colours and font of your design are still my favourite, but would you be able to put a second silhouetted face on the design as in #49? I would love to see if that translates well into your concept. #40
  • The things that resonate the most for me in this one are the colours, the choice of font, the movement of the bands and the figure looking up and forward. #40
  • The thing that resonates the most for me with this one are the two figures looking up and forward. #48
  • I like the two has the feeling of togetherness...that you are not taking this journey alone. #45
    • About #45, @eloise_hicks
      thanks :). please let me know if any revision needed.

  • Sporting a butterfly-effect metaphor, symbolizing how small changes can lead to big impacts. #42
  • About #40, @axel_sonnet that looks great with the words all around. I love the lighter font. Really beautiful!
  • Lighter font ( i think this one is the most balanced version ) #40
  • Version with larger text. #39
  • Hello, here is the circular text modifications, it's pretty nice like it in deed !^^ #38
  • Would you be able to stretch the words around the full circle please? I'd like to see how that looks. Thank you :) #9
  • About #26, @punkscratch13 I really like the variegation of blue in this one. I also like the orbiting lines but am a little concerned that they are too 'NASA' with the word space. It's very engaging though.