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Winning design #42 by friendnand, Logo Design for Contest
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designed by friendnand

Project description

Please look at the design sketch and use the "boy with books" image to create the design. The

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  • Hi CH, I have submitted my first entry... Please check #16 ... Feedback would be highly appreciated... Thank you so much... :) pentool29
  • hi chuck, submitted another revision for the logo #10. i hope you like it. thank you
  • the book takes up too much space and i'm not too sure about the shape of the shield...
  • the lettering needs to be more refined
  • Better. I like the curved font and top - Please make one in black and white.
  • Better! Can you make another with a thinner border - I'd like to compare them.
  • Once again, nice design. I'd like to see it without a beveled border. Also, curve the line the other way and show this in black and white.
    • submitted revisions #4 & #5 in black & white. thank you

  • hi chuck, i submitted entry #2. i hope you like it. please give feedback. thank you
    • Nice. I'd like to compare it to one without a beveled edge, and perhaps with a more curved top line.

    • hi chuck, submitted the new version #3. thank you

  • Nice start! I'd like to see a few more ideas - perhaps different shield shapes, different USC font...
  • Do you want this to be in just black and white, or grayscale?
    • The "boy with books" image has some half-tones in it, so the image should be grayscale.

  • The USC seems to be a bit to far apart. Maybe try putting the stars between the letters, like on #16 - maybe even make the font thicker. Also show this to me with a shield with the same curved top, but a different bottom.
    • Hi CH, just uploaded #31 ... I hope you like the changes I have done... thanks! pentool29

  • just gettin rid of the ones that are the same to make my choice easier...
  • just gettin rid of the ones that are the same to make my choice easier...
  • just gettin rid of the ones that are the same to make my choice easier...
  • the letters are a bit too tight around the border of the shield - perhaps it should be thinner - also can you put the double border around this one, like on #21
    • hi chuck, just submitted the revisions #27 with double border & #28 with thinner letters. thank you

  • i wasn't sure if you thought about grayscale color for the halftone so i submitted flat gray, 'cause halftone is a bitmap, so it's a lil' rough in closer look. but here it is, the gray in halftone #24. thank you
  • i'd like to see this in "reverse" (White figure on black background) but instead of the backpack and hat being black, make it a halftone/grey.
    • just submitted #21 & #22 with the name adjusted a little bigger.

    • do you have any more requests so we can make it all right? i'll be glad working on it. thank you

  • the font needs to be more refined... not quite there, yet, but keep working on it
  • i don't think i like the design in the background...
  • i like the shape of the design... please see notes on #32
    • I have reach my submit limit... I'm a level 2 designer so I can only submit 5 designs in each contest :(