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Winning design #37 by lizonil, Logo Design for Contest
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designed by lizonil

Project description

We are looking for a logo for a Trout fishing cabin on the White River in Cotter, Arkansas. We own the domain name

and we think it would be wise to incorporate it into our logo, website, t-shirts, and car decals. 
The Woolly Bugger is a very well-known "fly" for fishing. We want to have a rendering of a woolly bugger as the centerpiece of the logo. We would like a very bright blend of colors for the fly drawing.

(Drawing/Pic of the "fly") 

White River     Cotter, Arkansas or AR

(MAYBE use the phrase- "Get Tied Up" but probably not)

should all be on the logo

Don't be upset but we tried to make a rough draft that's kind of close to what we had in mind! Don't Laugh! :) You'll find it in the idea/pictures we attached.

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  • Hi there , any feedback for my designs ? please let me know if you need some change, I'm Ready to your feedback. thanks #52
  • Could you make this a black background with white letters? Also if you'll try another font if possible? #40
    • @info95 No problem, #49 #50 #51 have the dark background and also one-color reversed version along with another font variation for you. Just let me know if you want to see any other changes. -Kristi

  • #46 and #47 slightly different, a bit more blue in one. : )
  • Hi there, thanks once again for your kind feedback. I have changed to bullets and they do look better. This one has a gradient (I am not a big fan of gradients though, they are perfectly fine for the web but when it comes to printing they are a pain in the backside) . However the decal is flat and that would be fine for printing. : ) #48

    and I have added #45 without a gradient.
  • Very minor change I know but could you put a dot as a "bullet" between white river and cotter ar please? #38
  • Can you make the feathers multicolored? #38
  • This design is six colors so it can print on a six color screen printing press. #43
  • Hi there, here I have added the .com for you. #35
  • I really like the fly! Not sure about the edgy circle tho. Also needs to have the .COM
    Thanks and keep them coming! #31
    • @info95 Please check this link ( bottom Lure )

    • I think that abbasart is trying to tell you that I used some clipart in my design & he is right...I will withdraw immediately! Good luck! fcurtisAbout #31, @info95

  • AWESOME! Wondering if for small decals we could fit .COM in the design? Then on shirts leave it like this? #33
  • Welcome! Very nice, really like this fly as well, I would like to see a little different font if you can. #26
  • One more thing...could "THE" be a smidge bigger? #27
    • @info95 Yes I agree, and will mock up a tshirt too : )

  • Really like this as well, the one thats "black and white" would look great as a decal. I also think it would be cool to put it on a grey t-shirt and just use a bright color for the lines of the feathers, not filled in just color the lines if you know what I mean?? THANKS
  • If you have any questions or design changes, please let me know.

    fcurtis #31
  • I'm done to make the shingle walls also make the 'fly' like the image on attachment. #30
  • Liz, I really liked what you did with an earlier project "Hillbilly Beards" It had a rounded top with words underneath. Any chance we could try something like that? #16
    • About #16, @info95 thanks, I will go and take a look and try it for you : )

  • PLease look in my added files for a pic of the shape for the fly
  • Please place White River Cotter Arkansas on #17 #17
  • ALSO can I see this with "the woolly words in a bright red like the red part of the fly? Please #22
  • I would like the cabin to have shingle walls on the sides instead of logs. And could we try making the cabin just an outline instead of filled in with blue?THANK YOU FOR YOUR HARD WORK #24