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Winning design #59 by Octagon, Logo Design for Thies Hand Therapy Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Octagon

Project description

I am looking for a design for my new company. I am a Hand Therapist that has practiced for 15+ years. In any setting I have ever worked, I have always believed we are a Family. I am extremely proud of my Family heritage. My grandfathers and my father have taken extreme pride in their work. Each of them have owned their own business and that is why I chose my Family name when I created my Business. I want a design that gives a feeling that is non-corporate but a confident Hand Therapy Company that will take care of you like Family.  

I have included a pdf that has the outline of my hand and my daughter's hand. I would ask that the design incorporates them (i.e. her hand inside my hand as the heart of why I am starting this business). You will notice on my hand the ring finger has my wedding band on. If it is possible to keep that when designing, and using my daughter's hand, this demonstrates what drives me to start this company for our Family. 

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  • Hi there,

    Great design. Would you be able to resubmit this design with all capital letters for "THIES" please? #7
    • okay, I will try it About #7, @2oars26

  • Negative space #77
  • Hello sir,
    Please check again
    Thanks #67 #68 #69
  • About #62, @Octagon
    Hi there, Great design. Can you change the font to the same one you used in #59 and resubmit? Thank you
    • About #62, Ok @2oars26
      I'm working on it!

  • here almost all similar designs, can be made hidden thanks
  • new design with new idea, five fingers symbolize to five characters. #51
  • please feedback thank you #47
  • We really like your design. Is it possible to change the font to something a little more modern? We do like the sizing and capitals. Thank you #27
    • @2oars26 ....can you go into more detail about what you mean when you say "a little more modern"... ....that could mean any number of things, and will likely mean something different to just about everybody. Do you have an example? Are you looking for a less bold typeface? Something rounder? More space between the letters? The type that is there is hand-lettered so it's 100% original. I can create just about anything you like, but I need to know what you like in order to do so. Thanks.

  • please see this design #44
  • new idea, if my logo is still no shortage please give feedback,
    I pobud open to you, thank you very much #42
    • @WhoAmI We really like your logo. Its one of our top three. We will let you know soon

  • We really like your design. However, the font gives off a Pediatric vibe. I will mainly be treating adult patients. Can you alter the font so it appeals to adult consumers more? #25
  • I decided to add a gold ring to the main hand to enhance the idea of your wedding band. #43
  • thies #28
  • Your hand and your daughter's hand use my design try it. #25
  • Sir, please check my design, i hope you will like it , and let me know if you need any adjustments.Thank you
  • Sir, please check my design, i hope you will like it , and let me know if you need any adjustments.
    Thank you
  • new idea please feedback thank you #20
  • Any Feedback, revisions please ask #19
  • Any Feedback, Revisions, Please ask #12
  • Any Feedback, revisions - please ask #9