Thin Line Signs

It was exactly what I wanted and the process was fun to boot.

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Project description

My Company:

I use expensive equipment to print and cut vinyl decals for vehicles and stores with an emphasis on first responders like military, police, fire, EMS, and related topics. I've been making and applying reflective decals on police vehicles and ambulances for example. I do general sign making too. My profession is actually in law enforcement, but I have progressed into this.


I chose the name Thin Line Signs because of my emphasis and support for first responders. The thin line shows respect for certain groups of first responders, e.g., the thin blue line for police. There are others like the thin red line for fire, white for EMS, gold for dispatch, silver for corrections, green for border patrol, military, etc.


What I Want:

I want to incorporate the thin line and something to emphasize the sign company with support for first responders. Don't limit to this, but things I like might include a tactical look, shield, badge, emergency lights, etc. within the design because of my law enforcement background. I considered something with the different thin line colors but I don’t want a cartoon-like or rainbow-like appearance. 

I would prefer an emblem with the company name following. The entire logo should have more horizontal length similar to a police car with the city logo up front followed by the saying running down the side. I'm a fan of black and gold colors, things with textures, glossy metal like appearances etc. It can't be too overpowering, something clean and professional. I'm open to your ideas. 

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  • Another proposition with edgy shield #582
  • About #578, @Ganbii It's not quite what I'm looking for. Thanks for the entry though.
  • what can i do for you at the last time ? i need to win at one :) #580
  • Version with more edgy shield (like you want :) ) #579
  • About #357, @chiko Okay great. Can you show me this again, but in the staggered color versions of blue/gray and gold/gray.
    • About #233, @Seichman1
      if later I do not have a winner
      I want in elimination alone
      I do not want to get a silver medal and bronze medal
      thank you


  • Mockup to express easy to use in print, mockup, even cutting in metal. #576
  • blue touch with hot colors... #571
  • About #568, @wenxDesign Ouch. Hot. Looks really cool though.
  • Shape of shield inspired by law enforcments #569
  • What is hot enough? :} #568
  • please chech sir i hope you like this #567
  • I like the more hot version. #553
  • I believe this is my favorite of your shields still. #553
    • About #553, @Seichman1 what is missing ? My letters are justified . thanks

    • About #553, @Seichman1 Okay let me explain my favorite of your entries. Lets narrow down to this shield, but please add a touch of blue to the gray. Then re-add the hotter color version, not the less warm version.

  • a little touch at blue on gray #564
  • Thanks for your review. I`ve add to it more "blue" gray from old version #563
  • My favorite so far. Just add the blueish tint to the gray. I'm still open to see others if it's possible to improve further. Good work. #561
  • Can you try the gray with blueish tint like you have in 449? #561
  • Yes! Very cool. It keeps getting better and better. #561
  • I like your gray with bluish tint, like in entry 449. #494
  • I believe this is my favorite of your shields so far. If you have other arrangements, I'd like to see. #494