They listened to the brief and delivered a logo that stood out from the the rest of the competition. The graphic designer has then worked hard to deliver the final design tweaks and the files in the format I requested. Excellent work.

$275 paid

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Winning design #100 by farazjan4506295, Logo Design for Thinkrep Contest
Gold Medal

designed by farazjan4506295

Project description

We are looking for designers to create a logo for our brand name “Thinkrep” which is a mashup of “Think” and “Reputation”. 

Our tagline is “Success Starts With Reputation”

Our vision is to provide a premium ”reputation marketing” consultancy service for small businesses and start-ups. 

We would like to be able to have a recognisable stand alone logo as well, with no text that can be used as an App Icon.

We are looking for a clean look with a Distinctive logo. 

We are not set on a specific colour yet.. max 2 colours combination.

Thank you!

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  • I can change colors if needed, Please reply. #134
  • feedback? #133
  • feedback designs #63
    please comment and thanks... #123
  • Feedback design #63
    please chek and comment, thanks...
    Cheers #122
  • Could you make the space between The T R the same size as the space between NK in thinkrep and line up the white space between the TR and THINKREP #75
  • This logo illustrates the roundness world means that these companies will be global, and ever-changing five-star big show higher reputation.
    colors depict the dynamism, tranquility, and elegant. if you do not like the color, please give advice what color should I use the logo #95
  • Good day :) I hope you find it great. Kindly leave a comment for improvements, thanks :) #91
  • Kindly hand a comment for improvement :) have a good day. #78
  • Can you make a space here so that the bottom of the T is no connected in the shape #51
    • About #51, @thinkrep Of course - I can, entry #68

  • Could you change the font for thinkrep I would like to see it with modobag font used in the design with wings.. or the fase 2 font used in faze 2 logo with the white background. #56
    • @thinkrep Here they are #65, #66

  • Thank you for change the R. Can you put the Thinkrep to the right of the logo image and have the tagline below that. #51
  • Can extend lines up to make V shape. Also remove the top triangle. and bottom triangle. I would like the see the a mock of the shapes and name in black. #63
  • Its got promise.. Can you change the font for thinkrep. Also more space between tagline and name. Prefer taglines to be all upper case.. #63
  • Hi Can you change the font and make it same length as the tagline. Not fussed about upper case / lowercase for thinkrep.. But please make the tagline all upper case #64
  • please give me constructive criticism , and leave your valuable feedback :)
    thanks. #64
  • Still don't like the fonts. Also on the would prefer the tagline same length as thinkrep #50
  • This is better. Could you do colours flat? #50
  • Don't like these fonts can you also make Thinkrep and Tagline the same length #49
  • Can you flip shape this around 180 degrees and make it into V shape at the bottom. #49
  • Move this to the side of the logo with the tagline Not sure about the font its hard to see #45