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The overall experience was very positive. Good value. The application used to manage the entries does need to be improved since sometime it does not render the updates after rating particular entries.

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Winning design #145 by YPS, Logo Design for ThirdWave Insights, LLC Contest
Gold Medal

designed by YPS

Project description

Company Mission: Develop software products that embed experience-based expertise, leading to users having insights that change the way they and/or their organization gets work done. ThirdWave Insights’ software enables its users to “change the game”. Company Name: The company name “ThirdWave Insights” incorporates two related thoughts: Insight… Users of our software will have “ah-ha” moments that enable them to feel smart and to contribute more to their organization. ThirdWave… The expertise incorporated into the software is based on experience. The problems we are solving with our software we have solved many times before. This allows us to focus on solutions that go beyond accepted or known common practices. ThirdWave Insights’ products are valuable because they help users solve real problems in insightful and experienced-based ways. Other requirements: 1. Company “colors” are purple and orange. The shade of each needs to be able to co-exist so stay away from a extremely dark shade. 2. Maybe each color can be used to reflect one of the two thoughts behind the company name. 3. Logo should not include the company name. Text for the company name will be added (likely to the right) when needed. 4. Modern, Clean, Professional 6. Appropriate for branding on a website and business cards.

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  • Like the simplicity and abstraction of the symbol. The difference in the font between Third and Wave seems to make it two words and we tend to use them as one. As something to contrast with, can you do a version that emphasizes "Insights" rather than ThirdWave? Thanks.
    • Okay I will make the changes as soon as possible,, and i hope you like the canges,, thanks alot for the rated,,

    • can you give me a chance to revise my designs best regard kirimara

  • Like the simplicity of the symbol. Looks a bit rough with the "sharp" rectangles. Can they be "soften"? Also, make ThirdWave one word. No sure about the shadowed symbol to the right.
    • Hello, Thanks for the feedback! Here are the changes you requested #28 I softened the corners and mad ThirdWave one word. The shadow was just for display, not part of the logo. Any more request? - Marvel

  • Sort of like the wave but it is two wide. Is there are more compact form that could be put to the left of the company name.
  • Like the "waves" in the symbol. Like to see a version that repeats the curvature of the bottom wave in the two above. In particular, the line in the center isn't a wave.
  • The "M" that has fallen over distracts from the symbol.
  • Not a fan of the antique white. Symbol seems disjoint.
  • Symbol has some appeal. Not sure we like the fact that is look like roads.
  • Symbol to complex.
  • Like the symbol. Can we try it to the left side with a slightly lighter purple.
  • Hello Mr. Sweitzer, I'm excited about working on this project! Here is my first entry #7 I based my design on your brief: "ThirdWave… The expertise incorporated into the software is based on experience. The problems we are solving with our software we have solved many times before. This allows us to focus on solutions that go beyond accepted or known common practices." I focused on the "beyond" aspect and kept the logo simple to show how your company solves problems and continues to progress.. this is why the orange wave is on top and represents the "Third wave" and the other two in purple represent the other problems already solved with your software. As you can see, I displayed the logo on the company colors background to show how the logo looks in white. I hope this is moving in the right direction. Let me know if you have any questions or request and I will work hard to create the logo you desire. - Marvel
  • Like the crispness and abstraction of the graphic quite a bit. The fact that the right ends of the purple arc and the lower stopping point of the orange circle do not align makes symbol look undone. Like to see this one with different text combination. Including (1) ThirdWave in all purple with the WAVE bolded (2) Third bolded orange with Wave in purple.
    • Hello Ch, Thanks for the reply. I have submitted #60 with the specified changes. I also changed the fonts on the third one down. Thanks, Paul

  • The graphic is interesting up close but it looses its appeal when viewed from a distance since the middle blurs together.
  • Radius are not the same so it look it bit tacky and the graphic seems to large when compared with the text.
  • Let keep this one and create an alternative that has the "Insights,LLC" slightly larger (still smaller than ThirdWave) and then center the text.
  • Thanks for trying this. We prefer #1.
  • Graphics are too busy.
  • Graphic is interesting since the wave has some "body". However it gives the impression the wave is conquering or destroying something like a storm. Font doesn't work.
  • Like the curly bit in the diamond. The way the lines cross the edge seems unfinished.
  • Graphic does a nice job of communicating our intended meaning of "ThirdWave"... To build on this lets change Thirdwave to all purple so there is more of a connection with the orange wave in the graphic and the orange for Insights. Also, try centering Insights under ThirdWave.
  • Thick waves suggesting "power" is not consistent with our use of ThirdWave.