Three Wise Men Incense

Great work, was a first class design right at the beginning of the contest.

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Winning design #25 by ARTOMATIC, Logo Design for Three Wise Men Incense Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ARTOMATIC

Project description

We are looking to design a beautiful logo on the biblical theme of the "the three wise men" that brought gifts to Jesus. We are looking for a design that celebrates the joyous occasion surrounding the birth of Christ.

The logo will be used on product packaging of the gift of FRANKINCENSE, MYRRH and GOLD.  The folks that will buy the product will be familiar with the theme. 

We would prefer a design that is "encapsulated" in a shape, such as oval or circle. Avoid "very fine" details so that it looks good even if reduced in size on a product box. 

You may use colors, but the design should also look good in a black and white.

Avoid ultra modern concepts and fonts as this relates to a products that are from the biblical era.

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  • font options:) #27
  • About #13, @sikdesigns
    Try with a serif font and maybe keep the word "Incense" the same size as the other text
    • @rajbulsara No problem, please see #26. Thanks

  • Hi CH, here is the revision with all the changes you want:) #25
  • About #21, @tjgraphics
    The font works much better. Maybe increase the image of the men very slightly. Make the main star larger and remove the small stars from the background. Increase font size of "incense" very slightly.
  • About #2, @tjgraphics
    Design #2 could work if you made the sky in to a circle. Change to the font to a more traditional one that easy to read. 
  • Can you loose the rings around the design, too busy. Make the text in a serif font so it's a little more traditional. Make "incense" same size as the other text. Thanks #17
  • Hi CH, here is the revision, I hope you like it:) #17
  • About #9, @lawfx this is not working, the men look like "genies" although I appreciate you are trying to incorporate incense smoke in the design.
    • @rajbulsara Alright, I 'll fix it, thank you

  • About #10, @sikdesigns

    This is better than the other design. The smoke is not working, could almost be a river. Try removing that and increase font size of "incense"
    • @rajbulsara Great! Thanks for the feedback. Let me know what you think of #13.

  • About #11, @MissEra
    The design a little too contemporary. Need something more traditional. Hand written font a not too easy to read.
  • 1212 #11
  • there is too many rings in the circle making the design too "busy" need more simplicity #8
    • @rajbulsara Thanks for the feedback. I will work on it.

  • maybe try a circle instead of ellipse #6
  • Here is a more compact version, thank you #5
  • The image elements are a little "loose" #3
  • Nice idea with this approach of the silhouette. Possible have a clean circle with the text "around" the circle instead of underneath. Also a font that is easier to read. Thanks. #2
  • The font Three Wise Men is a little hard to read. Maybe a more traditional font #1