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designed by graphman

Project description

Tier 1 is soliciting for a logo for our parent company which represents the support we offer to military Special Forces community.

Most of our company's profits are ear tagged for providing therapy, retreats, and other forms of assistance to injured Special Forces veterans and their families.

We have started this program with one of our subsidiary companies, Tier 1 Vodka, www.tier1vodka.com.

Use our current logo feel and colors as a basis, but feel free to let the creative juices flow.

We want to really impress our fans and followers with a more refined logo. We are looking for cool and tactical.

We plan to hand out patches so we'd like something that fans will want to wear as a patch.

Looking to incorporate aspects of US Special Forces patches and insignias. Google US Special Forces tabs for initial look then google "de oppresso liber" logo for design ideas within the patch. Cross swords or arrows. Use a dagger or knife as the number 1.

Looking for great impact and meaningful symbols.  Military feel, and appealing to fans of games like World of Warcraft as well.

4-2-18 Update: Tier 1 is the parent company, so this part of the logo will be a shield.

The other products we plan to sell should be a rocker or otherwise detached from the main logo. 
The example I have is if you google army rangers and look at the tab. Picture something like that saying ROOT BEER while the rest of the patch remains the same. Think aggressive, cool, tactical.

Distressed is great for the logo, but we will also require a clean logo for patches. A distressed version and a clean version are needed.

I do like the one color options that one of the designers put on the army green shirt, good concept for shirts and such.

Colors: Stick with black, flat black, silver, grey, gold

Single colors for shirts are ok. 

4-3-8 Update:

To clarify, please do not include anything about root beer within the body of the logo shield.  We want "ROOT BEER" above the shield in its own Army Ranger style rocker tab.  This way we can simply change the rocker text to read "ROOT BEER,"  "VODKA," or anything else in our line of products.   The shield itself should incorporate the words "Tier 1" as well as the crossed swords/arrows/etc.  Please avoid using firearms (guns) in the logo. 

We would like to see the same logo in single color as well as multi-color and distressed.  Think of how the Coca Cola logo is crisp and clean on bottles, but sometimes is shown in a distressed way for prints on t-shirts.  We will ultimately need both a "clean" and a "distressed/brushed metal" version of the logos for different purposes.

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  • I changed the bolt up a bit. #122
  • t1rb #111
  • Thanks for the quick turn around on design tweaks! To save a bit of time, please check out our comments on #84, especially regarding the addition of the tip of a spear graphic and other design elements unique to US Special Forces units (lightning bolts). Please update the motto to read "The Mission Comes First." #101
  • I darkened the metal border a tad. The logo is in vector. The mock up background is not.

    Thanks #101
  • Good start here. We are looking for more complexity. See #84 for inspiration. We like your choice of swords. See if you can get the gold and silver to both look more like real metal. #99
  • Please decrease the border on both the rocker and the shield by approximately 1/5 the current thickness. The new border should be approximately 4/5 the width of the current one. #84
  • We can see the brushed metal look on the angled view of the shield, but not on this view. Please show us a version looking straight down on the shield which still has that brushed metal look. #84
  • The sword hilts are too large for the blade length. Also, we would like to see a slightly different style sword. Please see the inspiration photo which we just uploaded to the project brief. See if you can make the swords longer. #84
  • Change wording to "COMES" rather than "COME" #84
  • Please show us a version using the shape of the spear head that we just uploaded to our brief. Put it in the same location where you had the 3 stars. #84
  • Please show us one example with and with out the arrow through TIER. Change the fonts to Century Gothic and you will be very close to what we are looking for. #84
  • Change the color, find a more realistic gold color and reflection here. #84
  • This is the metal scuffed look we are looking for, photo realistic, keep this. Please give us a few more examples. #84
  • Remove the holes on the lettering and the shield. Look at number 84 comment 5 for the type of metal sheen we are looking for. A little more shiny and realistic, like the metal got cut across.

    Can you lighten the metallic colors, more realistic scuffing, look at #88
  • Thank you for this sample but we decided not to go for this rocker look on the bottom. The other versions you made look better. #90
  • Can you brighten the metal on the shield up just a tad. Remove the wholes in the letters and the shield. #89
  • Give us a few more examples of scuffed realistic metal please. Great job #83
  • Bring EST and 2013 together a little more closely #83
  • Can you make a few samples with a slightly thinner border on the shield and the tab above? #83
  • capitalize these letters. #83