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Winning design #237 by jacondsign, Logo Design for Tightnuts Contest
Gold Medal

designed by jacondsign

Project description

TightNuts is a new safety device designed with the underground mining industry in mind. It's designed to stop wheel nuts coming lose to prevent the wheel/rim coming off a moving vehicle.

The logo will be imprinted during manufacturing on the 5x grey components of the product, approx. 40mm diameter (see attached pic), as a mark of a genuine product.

The logo needs to be adaptable for a variety of sizes, and easily distinguishable even at a small size.

The logo will be used on the product as well as all marketing and advertising material. It needs to be interchangeable to look good in multi colour as well as monotone (imprinted on the product).

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  • Pls #274
  • Please check #271 , thank you
  • Hope you like it #270
  • Please check my design #241
  • How about this one CH?,.. #239
  • Here's the latest revision CH,. Let me know if this is what you mean Thank you! #237
  • Here's the changes CH,. please check,.. Thanks! #233
    • @jacondsign sorry, cant see any difference. could you rotate the pentagon (the image behind the text) so a point is at the top, just want to see if it cleans it op abit. Also if I go with this design does it include previous designs and text, logo, different colours, ect.

    • by previous designs I mean #66, # 198 #199

    • @JLSconcepts ,.Yes CH,.. You can have all you need for your logo

    • @JLSconcepts I will show you another positions of the pentagon CH,.. Thanks!

  • @JLSconcept please check #230
  • @JLSconcepts tightnuts #229
  • I hope you like it. Thanks. #228
  • I hope you like it. Thanks. #221
  • made changes, please check #219
  • Hello CH,
    Please check Design #218 Any changes required let me inform.
    Thank You.
  • I hope you like it. Thanks. #217
  • hii..
    how about this ?
    thanks #216
  • I hope you like it. Thanks. #214
  • can you rotate the pentagon so a point is at the top #197
  • I hope you like it. Thanks. #205
  • Is it like this?
    If there is any change of font or color please contact me
    I am ready to cooperate with you
    thank you

    khoirul #204
  • thanks, could you please leave as is on the white part of photo and add just the text to the blue part of the photo #166