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Really happy with the result - can't believe I got 133 submissions! And a handful of them were really great.


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Winning design #99 by s2289, Logo Design for Tim Foote - Seven Circle Success Church logo Contest
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designed by s2289

Project description

This is a personal logo for Tim Foote of C3 Church. It is a logo to be used in his personal life and teachings as a church leader. Look & feel - it is neither playful nor serious - the feel is more like joyful. Religious - I will clarify what this actually means to me - it means joyful, powerful, vibrant, full of love & life. Colors - I would like classic colors, powerful yet elegant. Usage - it is mainly for my personal use but may be used in print and online. I would like the logo to represent the 7 successes of my life in the order given below. The layout needs to convey the sense of inter-connectedness between each success point and all these successes being centred upon God. This is vital. 1) God 2) Bec (my wife) 3) Kids 4) Business 5) Church 6) Family & Friends 7) Self

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  • thanks for your suggestions, how about #4 and #5 ?
  • Please make sure that the text is in line with each other - business and friends and family look wonky and not sitting in the middle of the circle as the others are. I don't think this layout is working as there is not enough room for the text to sit nicely. And it looks like the text are different font sizes which make it look messy.
  • Dear CH Here is my design... entry #18.. Any adjustment just tell me...Hope you like it! THanks MKH017
  • As mentioned I only like the black and white version. I don't like the shape - the cross shape. Can you work with the B&W version you sent but change the shape? I don't want it to be a cross shape.
  • Hi, I quite like the 'handwritten' style of this logo - however I'm not sure the shape looks nice. Can we try a different layout but keep the black & white style.
  • Please refrain from using such bright fluro colours - I asked for this logo to look luxury, subtle and classy. Using all the fluro colours makes it look like a logo for children! Please use more classy colours and elegant font.
  • I don't mind the layout or the arrows but generally it looks a bit messy & chunky - too much going on. Can you cut back on the detailing and perhaps use more elegant classy colours than bright fluro colours - it looks too much like it's a logo for children.
  • Seconding Aarons comment, any changes can be made if you wish.
  • #8 Hi Tim. My design is totally editable so if you wish for me to make any alterations. (I.E colors, fonts, layout, sizing etc) then please let me know. Many thanks. Aaron
  • dear CH, Here my contest entery #47 and #48 any feedback would be appreciated hope u like my effort. Thanks
  • dear ch, i just wanna share to you some of the information i have and of course to protect your well being as well as to the great minds of this artists. just days ago, while surfing the net i came across with a video that similar to the one thats already been posted here. im just sharing contest holder. tnx. by the way heres the link, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t55c0byyE-c
  • #38 is my entry is it anything close to what your looking for or is it to simple? Any feedback appreciated Thanks
  • kerorodepon i understand that this is about my design. if you are a designer you will know that these things often happen. i seriously never saw that video before also what i created, it is not unusual, its circles connecting in to a different way, INFINITY!!! and that is the reason you saw it somewhere else and if a graphic element seen before, works very well for something, why not use it just in a different way? design can be based on ANYTHING. thanks stephanie
  • Dear CH, Here are my design #74, #75 and #76, hope you will like it. Thanks
  • Elements of your design are too similar to another designer's http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/tim-foote-seven-circle-success-church-logo/entry/66/
  • Elements of your design are too similar to another designer's http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/tim-foote-seven-circle-success-church-logo/entry/67/
  • Dear CH, You have requested designs and they are ready but I can't upload when the contest is closed or you have to chose wining design and then I will send you the requested designs. Thank you 22.06.2012
  • hi!!!! #83 #95 #96 feedback would be appreciated thank you
  • Good Day Ch... I just submitted my concept and ideas..#91 and #92. Have a nice day Thank You!!!!
  • Hi, We are loving this design the most! Please can you make the below changes: - can you please make the "seven circle success" the same position as it is on logo #57? So instead of writing it in one line have the words on top of each other as per logo #57. - In terms of order of seven success please change the order to: God Bec Kids Self Business Church Family Friends - God in black - Bec Kids Self in yellow/orange/red - corresponding to biggest/highest circles on the tree - Business Church - blue colours - Family Friends - green colours One last change - can you make the branches touch the circles so they are connected. Thanks