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Winning design #55 by vart4riony, Logo Design for timminsrc.com - Radio Control Race Track Contest
Gold Medal

designed by vart4riony

Project description

We are a radio controlled race track, this logo should be as fun to design as it is too look at. It must look serious and professional like a real race way. However the difficulty comes in when we need want have a 'short course' (rc truck) in the logo. Our slogan is 'Fastest family fun in the north!'

Avoid planes, street cars, helicopters and other 'non-surface' RC's. We are primarily a dirt race track. Dirt, tire tracks, grunge mud, dimond plate, gears, screws, checkard flags, trophy cups, all should be the focus.

The logo must be immediately identifiable that the RC in the logo is in fact an RC. This is often done by using the buggy, since its synonymous with 'RC'. We wouldn't mind a logo with both the short course truck and the buggy, but like in the Sault RC logo, they managed to get the logo to show its an RC while still being short course.

A bonus would be able to make a 'simple version' to go good black/white/small stickers. A black and white version of the small logo as well. No slogan, but still must look good.

Have a full color & complex version (Slogan) for shirts and hats & website. Keep pure white, gunmetal grey, pure black back grounds in mind for shirts, hats and website.

The color theme would be best to match a website style like www.traxxas.com - but feel free to be creative, this is not nailed down and a creative alternative would be appreciated and noticed.

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  • This seems a bit too serious. If you see the leading entry, our race track is part of a kids fun park. Its gotta look exciting/youthful while sporty. #56
  • Hi.. any revision.. for my last entry?
  • But also make a logo without the .com address, just TRC, maybe the buggy, something like that. #52
  • Sadly we don't own 'TRC.com' any chance you can fit the full address in with the 'TRC' then under over, or somewhere creative and small 'TimminsRC.com' #52
  • update... #52
  • Fon't is too plane and the back ground blends in too much to be able to tell the logo from far/small/simple. #51
  • I hope my design can describe your RC team #51
  • I hope my design can describe your RC team #50
  • hi there this one is the 2nd variants of my design..hop you like it and can't wait for your comments for all my designs..thx #49
  • Hi there..This my entry design for your contest..hope you like it..i got 2 variants of this logo one use the checkerd flag as addition element..and the 2nd design use a speed light effect as a addition element.. #48
  • This is the stuff! Can I get some minor variants? Colors, just the buggy like for a hat logo, maybe a shortened logo of TRC.com and you got the contest... #39
  • i hope you like it #40
  • This is not a hobby grade RC, this is a radio shack. Check out our flyers to see what kind of RC's are used for hobby grade racing RC's. #31
    • About #31, @rob4 Kindly check #36 and give us feedback

  • I hope you like it if you have any suggestion kindly suggest us :) #36
  • maybe like this? please check again :) #33
  • About #32, @baroqueworks Those two remotes are my favorite part. If you could make a skull logo out of that, I would give it serious consideration or buy it even if I don't use it as the main logo.
  • About #27, @vart4riony I hope I was clear on the changes. My english isnt always the best.
  • About #32, @baroqueworks Getting there! But the buggy you keep using is not one that we race at the track. Its short course mostly. But I love the work with red.
  • About #27, @vart4riony like this 'TimminsRC.com'. Make the T stand out etc.. If you can make it look professional/sporty and as good as the others, consider this contest yours. Make sure you keep that checkard mixed with the 'i's. Its perfect!
  • About #27, @vart4riony any chance you can give me a capital 'T' for Timmins and capital 'RC'? Like this 'TimminsRC.com' helps make it look like two words.