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Design contest was a good way for us to find fresh new ideas for a new company logo. We're very impressed with the final design. I feel that our process could have been much more easy if it had been clearer about the benefits of being "blind" etc. These were options but I did not really understand what this meant and as a result ended up spending more money on extending the competition and making it blind the 3rd time! There are some good designers that use design contest Sach and Lizonil being two of them. However there are also some poor ones and I think a labelling system may give you a quicker perception of the qualities they can offer.

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HAVING REVIEWED THE 125 ENTRIES WE HAVE CHOSEN 2 WINNERS "LIZONIL" OF #78 AND "SACH" OF #62 AND #64. WE LIKE THE HELMET OF #78 AND THE BOTTOM PART/WRITING OF DESIGNS #62/#64 WE WANT THE SAME TWO ARTISTS TO DESIGN A FINAL PIECE OR TWO. WE WILL SELECT A WINNER IN THE NEXT 48 HOURS. THE WINNER WITH THE BEST COMBINATION OF THESE 2 DESIGNS WILL WIN ALL OF THE MONEY. We are currently going through a company rebrand and are looking for a new logo to go with our new name: Titans Sports Academy. We were formally "Simmo's Rugbystars LTD" (www.simmosrugbystars.co.uk) and specialised in rugby coaching for 3-18 year olds. Looking to get cracking with a new website but need a quality logo before we start. The new venture still includes this side of this business. However we are expanding into: Strength and conditioning, Speed Training, a wider range of sports, as well as corporate fitness/events/teambuilding/sports days. In addition to this and probably the most successful part of the business currently is our "Speed Academy" which is Speed training for aspiring atheletes - soon to be including the other sports teams... and the other Strength and conditioning training that we do. Our dilmena is that we want a logo that is Professional but not boring, Modern and stands out but not "tacky. We want a high quality, professional looking logo that would be appropriate for both young children and corporate events. On the admin side of things this should also be not to complicated to print of embroid as we'll be branding all of our new equipment and sports kit. We're looking for something original and different. We're not scared of a helmet but does this exclude other sports? All images and lettering must be your own work and by entering this competition you take responsibility for any misuse of copyrighted images or lettering. Any suggestion of a free URL with .com and .co.uk available would be of great benefit and hugely appreciated.

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  • clipart not allowed art is found here http://pt.depositphotos.com/6578079/stock-illustration-Illustration-of-Spartan-roman-greek-trojan-or-gladiator-helmet.html
    • I do not understand why it says I'm copying the entry # 61. My entry is more complete. the only thing that appears is the arrow on the letter'' A'' plus it is minimal for me to be penalized!

    • My entry has a different concept: A warrior carrying his spear. embodied the'' source'' TITANS. I need a more convincing justification for me to accept that I'm copying. Please explain to me. Sincerely, J.Valadares.

    • Where are the other entries I posted? I can not visualizalas.

    • Because you are copying! the text, the dash through the "A" you started doing this after the highest rated entry has this exact same thing, the other entries are removed because they are a copy as well

    • The text does not! The source is not equal like!! The overall composition is different!!

    • |--|

      VALADARES {*wrote*}:
      The text does not! The source is not equal like!! The overall composition is different!!
      |--| stop uploading the entry with the dash through the "A"

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      sharie {*wrote*}:
      stop uploading the entry with the dash through the "A"
      |--| ok --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • clipart is not allowed in logo contests art is found here http://pt.depositphotos.com/6578079/stock-illustration-Illustration-of-Spartan-roman-greek-trojan-or-gladiator-helmet.html http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/titans-sports-academy-ltd/entry/8
  • Deleted one by accident!
  • Some good ones. Looking at both TSA and Titans Sports Academy. Titan artwork and just letters. Keep them coming
  • Thanks for your entries. I like these as they are different to the others. It's tough as I don't know what I'm looking for as such.
  • CH, Submitted designs #10 and #11. Would appreciate some feedback. Thanks, dlbonanno64
  • Hello CH! Ive submitted designs #33 and I need your feedback. Thank you!
  • Your 2 are currently 2 out of 5 of the top. Is this all of your own work? How many different colours have been used and how difficult would they be to embroid and print?
  • Hello CH! I've submitted design #46 and I need your feedback. Thank you!
  • jctoledo, your two are in our top 5. we're not quite sure that we're there with it...
  • hi,please see #54 and #55... please review them and provide feedback... thanks
  • GJR
    Hi, I have submitted #53. I have aimed to provide solutions to all of your branding requirements. The logo on the top left would work really well on tv, on your website and social media. The other alternatives are flat colour designs which use at most 3 colours and will be cost effective and easy to reproduce in all media including embroidery, stationary and signage. They could even be carved, embossed or engraved. I hope you like it. Thanks.
  • This is my preferred logo of the two. I like the layout and structure. This would be easy to print and embroid and looks professional. I do think we want a symbol at the side (maybe not) but I don't like the helmet here. Please leave these up though
    • thanks a lot for your feedbacks... please see #155 and review it... may be its too late but please see it... thanks and kind regards

  • your entry is copying entry 61 http://www.designcontest.com/logo-design/titans-sports-academy-ltd/entry/99
  • Like this a lot. Very original. Have any ideas how to potentially make this unisex? Could be seen as too masculine
    • Dear CH thank you for feedback, i have something in mind, will post it soon as i finish Kind Regards

  • Hello CH, I posted several brand changes, hope you like some. Sincerely, J.Valadares.
  • I do like this submission. Not the bloke but I like how it prints onto things. I'm still not sure about the helmet. It's different to all of the others I've seen however another variation or alternative would help
    • No problem, I will make the helmet a little more solid for you... and lose the bloke! Cheers, Liz

    • It's more something instead of the helmet as appose to a different one

    • sorry, just seen this... have submitted a different helmet, but will come up with something other than a helmet for you. Cheers, Liz

  • Hello CH, I'll make the changes now. In a few minutes I'll post the versions that you asked me. Thank you.
    • |--|

      VALADARES {*wrote*}:
      Hello CH, I'll make the changes now. In a few minutes I'll post the versions that you asked me. Thank you.
      |--| Great

  • We like all 3 of your entries but feel they may be a little aggressive for all areas of the business.great artwork but maybe something slightly more subtle
  • I definitely prefer this one. Please try also submitting this without the helmet at all (although I do like this one more. We'd also really appreciate seeing this one and with the helmet with a white outline and blue fill