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Winning design #45 by sach, Logo Design for To the Pointe Studio of Dance Logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by sach

Project description

To the Pointe Studio of Dance has been in business for one year and is looking for a new, fresh design to be our logo for our dance studio. We want something that will be easily recognized throughout the city as "Our logo" and something that can fit easily onto a shirt, bumper sticker or dance bag.

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  • Hello, I submitted #9 I took P for Pointe and S Studio and transformed them into dancers. I need some feedback. Thank you!
    • I like the idea- however I feel as though it presents the thought that we are a ballroom studio or a studio- when the image of 2 dancers is presented it tends to give the thought that we are more classical in our approach which is not the case. If you could some up with something that would just use the "P" but use a more contemporary image that would be great!

    • Hello, I've submitted a new version #14 following your comments and I need some feedback. Thank you!

  • Hello CH. I'm a beginner so I understand if this isn't exactly what you're looking for. But any feedback would be much appreciated :) Btw, I made #11
    • I love the font and the structure of the words- and I am a tapper and love the idea of feet! Something that includes feet or various styles of dancing feet without being too busy would be great.

  • Hello! I submitted #12. You can see how it looks on t-shirt and bag, too.
  • LOVE this! This is really what I had in mind- let me look over it a little closer and then get some possible adjustments back to you! Looks great!
    • Thank you very much for the feedback, I appreciate it :). Let me know if you would like some changes.

  • Hi Jonathan, I love the idea and how you set the graphic in correspondence to where the text is. However, I feel as though the image gives the idea that we are a classical ballet studio- which we are not. We offer all style of dance and some fitness classes as well. Our studio name is a play on words as we are located in "Point" of Rocks, MD. And we also teach a few "Pointe" classes. I would love to see you come up with something else and use the same text. All of the other designs give that classical impression as well which doesn't completely describe us. Thanks!
    • Hi again, thanks for the feedback it is greatly appreciated. I took on what you said about you not only offering Ballet so I kept the original concept but added another dancer using negative space and silhouette who was 'obviously' not doing ballet to show a range of styles of dance. I will try and come up with another concept and any more feedback would be great. I had a look at Point of Rocks, MD on google - is there anything that you would say symbolises the area that would tie the links of your company name and the place? Thanks again

  • I will be entering this contest soon and was wondering if you have any color preferences for the logo? Thank you!
    • Thanks! We would love to see shades of blue, purples, doesn't have to be all of those together but that is the track we are thinking.

  • You are not allowed to use clipart in logo contests. Source: _
  • I love the font- the graphic however is more classical than we are looking for- perhaps you can adjust?
  • I love the idea of the image above the text- I feel as though the image gives the idea that we are a ballroom studio or a studio where lots of partnering occurs- which is not the case. Perhaps you could adjust?
  • Hi, I submitted #2 I took the term Pointe from a ballet view and illustrated that, I wasn't too sure on type so I tried to keep it simple and let the image do all the talking. I'd love some feedback and any alterations can be made. Thanks :)
  • Hello CH, this is my new desing #31 i do it in blue and Ping/purple like u said for boys and girls :) i do it same with text so that can assiciate on balance between boys and grils :) i hope u like it.
  • I like how you used the letter to create a dancer- I think the "P" is a little large and it takes a minute for the eyes to 'get" the image. Can you play around with this idea though? I love it!
    • Hi CH, thank you for the feedback please find entries #28 , #29. Further feedback greatly appreciated. Regards SJK

  • Yes! Love it! Thanks for playing around with the colors!
  • I think this is great and I like how you placed the image with the font. Can you play around with some different colors? Shades of blue and gray and purple are what we are thinking but open to other shades too.
    • Hi CH, Thanks for your feedback. I've uploaded #27 with different colors for your reference.

  • Ohhhh,I like this! At first though the black part for the sky looked like an umbrella and then I saw the 'point/peak" and loved it! Can you play around with some colors and maybe create a peak/point that is more apparent? I love it though!
  • Can you play around with different font styles? I like the font used in #10 entry- just so I can see another font with your design. I am in love with the graphic!
  • I really like this one and the font- can you play around with some different colors? We have boys and girls at our studio and I want it to be colors that are suitable for both genders. We like teal, shades of blue, gray and purples. I love the graphic!
  • Hi CH, I uploaded the design #21. Hope you like it. Please feed back. Thank you.
  • Hi CH, I have also produced design #20 which is more of a modern logo that incorporates all types of dance, please let me know what you think. Regards SJK
  • Hi CH, Please find my entry #17 , #18 , #19 with 3 subtle differences in colour, I hope you like and would be greatful enough to leave feedback. Regards SJK