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Winning design #107 by NewDesigns, Logo Design for Tongue Trip  Contest
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designed by NewDesigns

Project description

We specialize in creating gourmet natural, healthy, weird flavored ice pops that trip your taste buds!

We do crazy flavor collaborations with different non-profits and brands because we believe that change starts small to grow big; something as small as Ice Pop flavor can have a big impact.


Our location/store walls are covered in wood, with very minimalistic design. Think of what Apple would design if they sold ice pops. However, we want to balance the minimalistic design with a modern yet very colorful design and logo. 

Include something with a Tongue and dark/light bright color combination. It has to be an attention grabber, yet minimalistic and modern. 


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  • This is my favorite design so far. Please change the color of the popsicle to match the color combination of the picture I uploaded!! Everything else looks awesome. #107
    • About #107, @hcardona Thank you very much for your feedback. I am glad you like it. But I can not upload new proposal because contest expired...

    • About #107, @hcardona You have to choose a winning design, and then ask for changes of the winning design, or extend contest for a couple of days, so I could hang a proposal with the colors you are looking for...thank you.

  • I like it, please get rid of the pain drops on the "O" and next to the "Gourmet Ice Pops". Just the words and the tongue! #122
  • Design as simple as design of apple company #153
  • Concept 5 - A colorful ice popsicle that is quite melting. The shape somehow resembles the shape of a tongue. I hope you like it. :) #142
  • Concept 4 - So the logo image is a double ice pops but as you can see stick forms two bold letter "Ts" for Tongue Trip. This is minimal, modern and not too playful. It is also loud because of the bright colors. I hope you like it. #134
  • Concept 3. As you can see the word 'TRIP' is a smile from letter 'T' to 'P' which formed a tongue. I hope you like it. #133
  • Tongue Trip #128
  • Make the tongue a bit skinnier, it doesnt look real. Also change the color combination of tongue to match what I uploaded. thanks! #49
    • About #49, @hcardona Hi CH, please check entry #125 for changes, hope you like it

  • I like it... can you make the tongue have a different color combination. Something along the lines of what I uploaded. Thanks! #85
  • Dear hcardona,

    I want to ask apologize because I my proposal logo that I' have just upload is mistake (#115) this is the correct one.
    hopefully you could forgive me for the mistaken, please give your feedback.

    Thank you
    Best Regards #116
  • Dear hcardona,

    According your brief company that i read a few days ago you want your new logo of your company some like rolling stone. So as consideration I'd like to offer you of my proposal logo design, the concept is combination mark between symbol and word mark,
    Hopefully you like it.

    Thank you
    Best Regards #115
  • Please let me know about you suggestion and opinion on this design. I will try my best for the logo. #110
  • Tongue Trip #109
  • Tongue Trip #108
  • Thank you for your feedback and rating. Please check this proposal... #107
  • Tongue trip Logo #104
  • Tongue Trip #103
  • I love it. Tongue looks a little weird, too sharp. Please fix tongue, but love it! #99
  • What do you think of this design? Let me know! #97
  • Hello dear Contest Hoder, I like this competition. I want to continue tastings flavor of this contest. I made a new design. I hope you like it. Stick of ice cream is tongue. Ice cream cups are hills of gastronomic landscape.
    If you want to make some changes for my concept do not hesitate to contact me. Best Regards! #96