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Winning design #816 by lperwas, Logo Design for Toni and Lula Contest
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designed by lperwas

Project description

I'm looking for a very chic, fashion forward, couture logo. Nothing too modern but also nothing too frilly. I would like the name Toni and Lula but I don't know if I want to use "and", "&", "+" or something else creative to use as "and"?? I'm looking for something elegant and timeleless. I am depending on all of you wonderful designers to help me define my brand with your artwork!!! Please take a look at the logos that I have voted on to get an idea of what I'm narrowing it down to. And please don't use a handbag in the logo as my company will be making other accessories as well. Thanks!!

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  • simple design where the elements are infused, I can change the colors if you want to, thanks!
  • the TL icon can be put on your creations and be your icon even without the rest of the name!
  • One more you might like.
  • clean, elegant and can be easily placed on a tag and be obvious, hope you like it!
  • #207 I hope this is what you are looking for! The Border is definitely optional... Please give me feedback on any concerns. Thank you!
  • Please review my designs #198, #199 & #200 Thanks
  • about #194 hi CH this is my first design for you hope u can leave me a feedback, thanks
  • helloo...need ur comment...thanxxx
  • One more idea. Hope you like this one. I tried to make the rose look like a TL, that way you can use either the full logo or just the emblem itself. I included a larger version of the rose in the upper corner so you can check out the details. Thanks, let me know what you think about this or my other ideas. #173 #169 #170 $166
  • #171 So I think this one is a lot less standout ish as the last one was and blends in more and the new one I guess didnt come out as well as it did in my head but ill work more on it tomorrow (gotta go to bed school tomorrow)
  • #174 Dear Contest Holder, Hope you like this entry. Thank you.
  • Thanks so much for your submission but this looks a little too corporate for me. Any other ideas?
  • I truly keep going back and forth on this one. I like it even though it's a bit modern for me. Not fond of the font. A bit 1920"s for me. Canyou submitt with different fonts?
  • I'm curious to see both of your designs in black with just a deep, dark red "+" sign.
  • I'm just not fond of the logo. Any other ideas?
  • Too corporate looking for my brand. Any other ideas?
  • Not feeling it. any other ideas?
  • I'm not fond of the logo. Any other ideas?
  • A bit too modern for me.
  • Toni is spelled with ans "i". I don't want to have a hadbag as a logo. any other ideas?