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Winning design #34 by senadneslan_juventus, Logo Design for Tooth Shine Contest
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designed by senadneslan_juventus

Project description

The product is an activated teeth whitening charcoal . I would like it to say on the label look, that it is an activated teeth whitening charcoal. I need a look for the label for this product, showing my company name , Infinite Products. I put my competitors picture to show same product i will be doing as an example. 

It should show it is a mint flavor, input coconuts somehow since the whitening charcoal is made with part coconut. Also to read Product is all natural and organic. Whitens teeth, I would like the color bright blue in part somehow. 

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  • This is perfect, it just needs to be spaced out more to the left and bring it down a bit, either in the middle or on the line of all natural and organic...but either way, space out more to left. Thank you sooo much for doing all these changes, maybe you can look at the original picture of my competitor so you can see what im talking about... you can even rotate it a bit like the original pic.
    • @infiniteproductsline I Will make final Changes right now. It's not problem to do everything you need. Feel free to ask.

  • Capitalize the letter M in mint #32
  • Capitalize N in natural and O in organic #32
  • can you put mint leaves instead of coconuts and incorporate the coconuts in another place... maybe real coconuts as image not cartoon image #21
    • @infiniteproductsline It's done CH, please kindly to check.

  • remove the word "product is" #21
  • Hello! May i ask? You need Label or Logo?
  • Leave the mint as need for the word, now that i look at it, looks good as is
  • and can you input our company name Infinite Products
  • this is there a way to add a coconut in here somehow... otherwise, Great Job!! #16
  • how about my design.. #13
  • new version,check please?
    regards #11
  • new version ,check please sir?
    regards #9
  • how about my design sir?
    regards #8
  • How about my design sir #7
  • What about my entry this one with a coconut #5
    • @reza001 sorry but that doesnt look like a coconut to me. Please refer to the picture of example of what i am looking for. I need it to say Activated Teeth Whitening Charcoal and a leaf of a mint or the word mint to show my customers that it is mint flavor

  • how do you about my design sir?
    regards #4
    • @metpakcong Love the look...instead of green...maybe white would be better. Can you also put in on the design "Teeth Whitening Charcoal" and underneath in smaller letters all natural and organic. Also put the name mint or a leaf of a mint on the look so people can know that it is mint flavored. But i can say your look is of the tooth i love!!

  • Great that you incorporated the natural and organic. However, green is not a good look and need our company name and coconuts part for it. It is for a bottle #3
  • Im looking for more than just a brand name. I had more specific details needed on my entry details. This is for a bottle #2
  • This is for my product. I needed to show my company name as well and coconut. I shared an example pic of what im looking for #1