Top Drawer Furniture

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Winning design #111 by ArtAttack, Logo Design for Top Drawer Furniture Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ArtAttack

Project description

Logo for furniture store selling brand new (mass-produced), like-new and unique handcrafted furniture.  "Top Drawer" is an expression meaning high quality, but also refers to a drawer on a piece of furniture (our product).  

Store will sell mid to high end furniture.  For similar product styles see these websites: javascript:nicTemp();javascript:nicTemp(); javascript:nicTemp();  

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  • Please check & rate my logo design ;) Thks! Hope you enjoy! #138
    • About #138, @MarioLedieu , unfortunately we do not hand-craft furniture so the word "handcrafted" is not good to have as part of the logo :(

    • @beachlover4123 okok i understood that, can change and Just delete handcrafted if this design is what you expect ;-)

  • About #128, @Dab - too similar to logo for TD Bank
  • Hi , is that exactly what u mean? #126
    The colour and space between letters i can change in any time if u want
  • @beachlover4123, hi, just submitted a proposal #123. it's an abstract approach for the drawer, incorporating initials TDF. i hope you like it. please check. thank you
  • It looks like the bottom drawer is pulled out, which contradicts our name. Can you do a version with the top drawer instead? #107
  • Can you add one more version of this with blue, maybe like the shade you used in entry #112? #114
  • This feels more appropriate for a company selling office furniture. We only sell home furniture. The chair is the design of a typical office side chair and the sharp color contrasts are a bit too modern/industrial. Perhaps with a piece of home furniture and softer colors? #97
  • I like the saying "high quality" but would like to see a version with just the word "Furniture", with it spread it to approximately the same length as "Top Drawer". I am still considering the "high quality" so please do not withdraw it. #108
  • Can you make the word Furniture larger and/or longer...perhaps make the font a little larger and add some space between the letters so it is approximately the same length as Drawer? #102
  • Hi , Is this version that u meant? If there is any other suggestion , please feel free to tell me :) #102
  • Hi CH,
    Thanks for your feedback. Please check #99 for more options.
  • We've eliminated entries down to our top 5 and ranked them in order. We have left feedback on any changes we may want to see. We're happy to review any new entries. Thank you to everyone for your hard work and wonderful entries!
  • About #79, @Dayadrana Nice drawer icon. Can we see a version with some color? Can be one color or multiple colors. We've seen lots of blue, green, and purple but we're open to anything, maybe in warmer tones? Thank you!
  • We don't really like the font used for Furniture. #66
  • Could we see how this looks with the icon set off to the left instead? We really like the font, and the fact that you made the word Furniture large. The color is really nice too. Thanks! #69
  • We don't like the icon used for the O, sorry. Thanks! #80
  • Some fantastic entries in the past 12 hours. We will review and leave feedback later this evening. Thanks!
  • tdf? #78
  • TDF? #76
  • About #66, @sajid2032 THANKS FOR THE feedback submitting #68 as per your comment any change needed i will do that also thanks again