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Topbrands is dedicated to manufacture, create, develop, market and distribute FASHION-ORIENTED-LIFESTYLE brands. The company holds a portfolio of numerous retail brands. The logo (wordmark + emblem) should express professionalism, high quality, creativity and trust. THE GENERAL LOOK SHOULD EXPRESS FASHION-ORIENTED-LIFESTYLE !!! The logo should give the possibility to add a tagline if necessary.

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  • Hello, I have just added a logo for you look at #5. I have designed your logo in black and white as requested, using a sheild to suggest trust and protection. The star is there to give it a mark of quality. I have useed a bold typeface to help make the logo stand out and give it strength. Look forward to getting your thoughts. Many thanks
  • Hello. I’d just like to say a bit about my designs #149, #150. These are based on the Eye Of Providence used in Egyptian mythology. The logic behind this was to portray Top Brands as being the top of the pyramid in the fashion world, and as a powerful all-seeing, far-reaching icon in control of a vast variety of brands. The logo is stylized and modern with a nice embellished “T” that is not too forward, but enough to capture the viewers’ attention. Overall I think the logo is very fashion savvy, and a compliment to the Top Brands business. Thanks for reading. I’d love to know what you think. Cheers! – Neil.
  • Hello.I've just uploaded my entry #144 for your logo. The concept circles around the star, arrow pointing up and the shield, which poses as a metaphore for the brand as a "banner". Hope you like it, and feel free to give some feedback. Cheers.
  • Hi Olivier, I hope you and your family are well. I have not heard back from you about my last entry and whether the font or symbol were to your liking, so I have added a few more logo's #138, #139, #140 and #141. I have used the theme of a clothing tag, used the T from Topbrands and cut it out of the background, put the T at an angle so that the top corner is pointing to the top. I have different variations and could keep supplying you with different font styles or images but I would only be guessing. All I understand to date is, you don't want 3d effects, stars are dated and you want a logo that has a modern fashion theme. Over the years I have learnt that everyone’s idea of design can be very different, hence I have kept my design's simple, black and white (except one which has a slight gradient) I have used a clothing tag to bring in the fashion concept and I have used the T from your name. The font I have changed which is modern and still has strength, which you stated in your initial brief. I would like to work closer with you (as I am sure the other designers here would) to ensure you get the most from us all. Hope I am heading in the correct direction and look forward to hear from you again in the near future. Many thanks Ross
  • C&C on #132 would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, MW
  • #112 hi CH here is my design for your project here is the idea of BARCODE with TOP BRAND. I hope you will like it. Need your Feedback. regards Dzinebyali
  • Hello Olivier, thank you kindly for your reply. I have gone for another design, lost the sheild and star and opted for a different font. I hope this is closer to the kind of thing your are looking for. #64 and a slight variation #65. Look forward to hearing your thoughts. Many thanks Ross
  • Hi the previous font seems more relevant. I understand what you mean with the "T" symbole but personally it leads me to Greek motives and not to something modern, dynamic, elegant Does it help?
  • Hi The new symbol with the shape of the emblem leads very much to Royalty. Any more modern option? Thank you
  • Hello It is very interesting. But the font looks too basic in front of the richness of the emblem. Thank you
  • Dear CH, Thanks for the positive feedback about #23. By your request here is another option at #35. Reason behind the emblem is it’s a “T” with the feel of FASHION-ORIENTED-LIFESTYLE. I hope you appreciate the thought. thank you..
  • I have tried to recover an emblem #34, to give to it of a few dynamics. Thanks!
  • Hello Much better, thank you.
  • Hi CH, I have united an emblem #29, #30, yes you have appeared are right, so it looks more naturally. Thanks!
  • Hello This is too feminine but I like the emphasize of the creative process. The symbol choice is too much targeting "writing/books/publishing/litterature" and not lifestyle. Don't forget that the logo should be a sign as well and should be readible in a very small size (which is always the most diffciult with handwriting logos) Thank you
  • Hello The cloth label concept is very interesting, thank you. Let's forget for the moment the tagline to have the best logo with this idea. Can you please try to unify the wording instead to differentiate them with the black and white contrast? Meaning that the font will by unifiy as well. Please don't forget that this logo should be a sign as well and not always with a lightbox and the logo printed on it Thank you
  • Hello Don't forget that the general look should be much more fashion-oriented-lifestyle. Thank you
  • Hello Don't forget that the general look should be much more fashion-oriented-lifestyle. Thank you
  • Hello Don't forget that the general look should be much more fashion-oriented-lifestyle. The star symbol is really too much cliché and I would prefer only 1 story element and not 2 as you have right now Thank you
  • Hello Don't forget that the general look should be much more fashion-oriented-lifestyle. Thank you