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Winning design #44 by Sudjarwovovich, Logo Design for Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Sudjarwovovich

Project description

Seeking an all-vector (no bitmap), scalable logo that is wider than it is tall (at about a 18:9 to 24:9 ratio). It will need to look great against 3 background colors: navy blue (hex: #08304E), all white (hex #FFFFFF) and all black (hex #000000) even if that means 2 variations of the same logo design to look good against the opposing extremes of black/dark vs. white background colors. We want to be able to scale the logo up to any size and look fantastic: from business card small to trade show booth display large.

For imagery, we want a creative blend of 2 disparate visual themes: investing/trading and “Top Gun” (as in the 1986 Tom Cruise movie) into a single logo that implies the Top Gun of Investing. Google imagery used for the movie’s logo AND stock market imagery as part of firing your inspiration.

Our company leader was a U.S. Navy pilot flying the F-14 Grumman Tomcat jet (Google image search for that particular plane so you can know it’s specific shape & design, noting how it’s wings shift back in flight, forming a triangular shape into the tail wings). If you build a jet into the logo, be sure it’s this kind of jet. Any other military adornments could be applied in the design too (5 point stars, military bars, U.S. flag elements, etc). 

The other half of the target theme concept is investing, particularly a kind of investing involving ETFs (exchange traded funds, which are very similar to the more well-known mutual funds). The goal of investing is to grow wealth (make money), realize increases in investing account size, etc. Thus, adornments of money (U.S. hundred dollar bills if any money imagery is actually used), charts showing account growth, stock market tickers and other stock market imagery might be applied in this part of the design.

The perfect logo will cleverly mesh the two, not favoring one at the expense of the other. For example, we don’t want someone who sees the logo to think we build jets or teach pilots to fly. At the same time, we don’t want the imagery to be so investing or money-heavy that we lose the connection to the adventure, excitement, prestige of the “Top Gun”-oriented theme either. We liked the general visuals of this jet-oriented logo design: for it’s simple, clean lines, though this one over-dominates with the jet imagery (no investing/money imagery), is NOT a F-14 plane and doesn’t fit our target of wider-to-much-wider (rectangular-sized logo) as this one would pretty much fit into an approx. square shape.

We also want a clean, relatively-simple logo. So in spite of so much detail and adornment concepts shared above, don’t be confused into thinking that we want every suggestion to appear in what would be a very cluttered logo if you did throw all that together. We share adornment ideas only to feed your inspiration- not because we want a cluttered logo. In short, we’re trying to get a simple, clean, vector logo design that conveys the concept that we are the Top Gun of ETF investing.

Our company & website name will be and we would like the 3 words with or without the .com suffix used in the name. In plain text we show it exactly as shown there (capital letters exactly as is) to cleanly distinguish the 3 words. However, feel free to use a color(s) or other design options to accomplish the same if your logo designs favors showing the name in all caps. The key is making the 3 words obvious & visible at a quick glance; we don’t want anyone trying to figure out it’s a 3-word name because their mind is fooled into blending letters that are not meant to be blended. 

The dominant font family we’ll be using on our website will be a Google webfont called Lato: so we desire you make use of that font or a complimentary font face that will look good on pages of content otherwise presented in Google Lato. 

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  • Dear Sir,

    for you consideration, this is how it looks like if I make the graphic line in white colour... Thanks! #86
  • Dear CH,
    Please check #83
  • @darryl2 I see you have a new favorite and I'm ready to continue reworking my design to further fine tune it, but I want to point out that entry #44 copies from my #19 entry's text layout almost whole stock, including graphic accents. I was expecting it'd happen in a non-blind contest like this where most pitches were somewhat random, so given that you're a serious client, a blind contest would be fair to those who put in serious work in the first place. Thanks for your consideration either way.
    • @Fabio Piscicelli are you kidding me? my first entry was #12 and your entry was #19 ... I posted it earlier than you, then CH give me feedback to somehow including a graphic or investing elements to my design... you need to define what is the meaning of copying and refinements... cheers

  • Both versions. #62
  • About #61, logo is dynamic enough itself to symbolise positivity, growth, expansion. ( the more a logo is pure, without artifices, the more it last in time )
  • @darryl2,
    Square layout for caps, mugs, billboarding, stickers...
    Horizontal layout for website or banners ( the word can be bended as the pics shows or it can be perfectly horizontal). #61
  • Hello @darryl2, here is my design:

    This is another version with different lettering Layout for ETF.
    I choose to work on modern top gun like design. Catchy and corporate. This is an original custom homemade fonts, also available in a horizontal layout for website or banners ( the word can be bended as the pics shows or it can be perfectly horizontal). #60
  • Hello @darryl2, here is my design:

    This is the "Square" version ( width equals Height )
    I choose to work on modern top gun like design. Catchy and corporate. This is an original custom homemade fonts, also available in a horizontal layout for website or banners #59
  • TEP-3

    Chromatic variation option with green "ETF" text and bottom side wing bars, gray text bar underline and colored U.S. Navy emblem on the fuselage.

    Any other color distribution combinations are previewable depending on your taste and direction. #52
  • TEF-2

    A fully updated version of my entry draft, featuring:

    – restyled and detailed Tomcat figure
    – restyled line charts "sprays" with up/down trade indicators
    – alternative font option ("American Captain")
    – restyled text side wings
    – alternative blue field hue #51
  • Changes has been Done...Please feedback..

    $ Sign in T #48
  • Simple and Clean...please feedback #36
  • TopETFpicks #26
  • Hello @darryl2, I decided for you to make the design on the paper plane, as if to take modern real aircraft, it creates the feeling that you school for pilots. and since you are investing, then you need something else. I believe that through color and as it of a revival of the path of the aircraft, you can show your customers that you are reliable and profitable company. waiting for your comments on this.