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I love it. It was great to have people from all over the world working on my project.

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Winning design #20 by prabhuganga, Logo Design for Topher Cox Photography Contest
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designed by prabhuganga

Project description

I am a freelance photographer. I shoot everything from fashion to corporate work. I do a lot of advertising photography. I would love something to put on my photos and site. You can see my work at

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  • Dear Topher, I hope you don't mind me using one of your photographs for my logo presentation. Being a photographer myself, I went for a minimalistic and unobtrusive type of logo and watermark. Let me know what you think and greetings to the US. And your photographs are great by the way :-).
    • Thanks so much. I like where you are going here. I do think it needs to have my last name written as well. I like where entry #4 has gone with my last name being in bold. Thanks for asking about the photo use. It looks great....your work I mean:-)

  • please see #17 and #18... and sorry for using your photos... they are awesome btw...! thanks
    • Thank you. I like where you are goign with this. I like the way you see things. What do you think if the "Topher" part is where the name is on a camera? Do you think it would be too distracting, or not make sence? Also, on the "Topher" and "Photography" part, what font is that. Do you think a Gil Sans could work, or maybe the same font that Canon cameras uses? I know they are totally different. Nice work!

    • thanks for the feedback... I will upload more logos as you suggested... if you dont mind,can u rate these designs so that the upload limit goes up and lets me submit more and more designs..! thanks

    • here's #19... it uses gill sans font "Topher" is written where the actual brand name of cameras are usually written... awaiting feedbacks... thanks

    • Let me know if I did that correctly. Thanks

    • thanks for the rating... will be working on more designs for you... btw how did u feel #19 looks..? what changes do u wish to see.. please let me know cheers

    • here's #20,a slightly different one following the same direction thanks in advance

  • Cool, but a bit too Jesus fish for me. But I like it.
    • Oops, you're right... I see that now! Sorry about that. #12 is similar but less Jesus fish-like. Cheers, Glen.

    • Hi again, I worked on #12 some more and ended up with #13. Cheers, Glen.

  • I like where you are goign, but I am not big on serif fonts. Thanks
  • #23 has a slightly different 'X' from #21... thanks
  • Thank you for the feedback. Hopefully be the input for me to fix it. thank you
  • Thank you for trying, but it is not really my thing.
  • Hi, I had submitted this design #50 and would like to know what you think. KIND REGARDS