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Winning design #611 by andryanto040181, Logo Design for Total Cost of Business  Contest
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designed by andryanto040181

Project description

Looking for logo for Total Cost of Business.  

We will be offering full service cost consulting services on
1-Internet Services.  (FIber, Coax, DSL)
2-Telecommunications Services. (PRI, T1's Analog)
3-Natural gas
5-Merchant Services (Future) 

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  • Could you move logo to left side rather than on top. Also. Get icons for cell/phone smart phone and credit card in stead of oil and graph. Also. Could you see if could sneak $ in middle.
    • About #608, @chiden96 Hi thank you for the feedback. I can do it all your suggestions but contest is over I can no longer submit my revisions. My designs is fully customisable and easy to edit. Good luck.

  • Would you be able to do couple of tweaks to this if necessary. Be change couple of colors and tweak tagline. #611
  • Really like this one. Not a big fan of icons for merchant services and energy. Would probably need to tweak. #583
    • I had to replace the icon of merchant services and energy on my design, but I ran out of time to transmit teah on your contest, if the tone you want my designs may have a solution for it

  • Here's how it looks on your office wall. Hope you like it. Good luck #609
  • Here's a mockuo of my design. simple yet balanced. Hope you like it. Good luck #608
  • Logo idea. Hope I'm on track. Feedback and directions is appreciated. Good luck #607
  • ...... About #604, @chiden96 :)
  • Rev #595 trying to remove the black on icon #603
  • Also, could you swap out computer icons with one that represents smart phone. #588
  • Rev #595 #601
  • Could you show me what would look like with Icons to left of instead of on top. #583
  • Love you icons. Could you tweak layout to have icons to left. Similar to 582. Add tagline in there also. #588
  • Like use of icons. Could you add tag line Five Point Consulting below name. And website below that.
    • About #595, @chiden96

      Okay sir, I will do according your suggestions, thank you.

  • variations of #594 #596
  • variations of #594 #595
  • I tried to make the design for you sir, I expect your feedback to make it better, greetings. #594
  • Like seeing the icons imbedded in there. #580
    • About #580, @chiden96 thankyou for your feedback sir.

  • I want to upload my logo but could not do it
  • @chiden96 TCB #580
  • @chiden96 TCB #575