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Winning design #256 by DexMind176, Logo Design for Total Medics Contest
Gold Medal

designed by DexMind176

Project description

I need a company logo for 'Total Medics'. The company is about bringing medical professionals together from all areas and differing levels of seniority in Healthcare to understand how to work in cohesive, relevant and effective ways and produce high performing teams. We work as a consultancy business providing training and inspirational ideas to help Heathcare service providers to put the glue into the workforce and cement high performance in teams, helping them to perform at the highest standards improving patient care. Central to this idea is that the key people who deliver the healthcare are the medics that deliver the service and patient care relies heavily on great teams and great teamwork. It is about putting the icing on the cake and making the final product - 'TOTAL Medics'

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  • I like this design but the colours don't quite work for me.
    • Hi CH Please give some feedback for my design #200

  • I like this as it is very different to all the others. I can't quite work out why the emblem in the word total doesn't quite seem to fit for me.
    • Going trough new designs I asked my self same thing. Maybe if I make two versions one with "normal text" and emblem next to it and one without emblem (emblem incorporated in place of letter "O")? Could you also tell me does this font works for you or would you like me to try something else. Regarding colors, if you ask me, black-red version works best, it makes big impact and gives power to emblem.

    • The theme has an 'Extreme' impact theme to it which I like and I think the font suits your design well. Red and black works well for this design. Whilst we are a medical company we don't want to look like the 'Red Cross'!

    • Cool. Let me think about it and I will get back to you with less "red cross" styled logo. Best, Pixell

    • Hi CH, Please take a look #115. If you like it I can also make it in different color combinations

  • Hello CH, Design #109 is for your consideration.Hope it will be much closer to you. Well thanks for your previous rating to my design #4. I can do much better if you suggest me about my design. Kind Regards...
  • Can it have a smaller emblem to match text height size?
    • Hi CH, Sure. Please take a look #95. Best, Pixell

  • Thank you
  • I like the black, red, white colours here and makes the company look more extreme, which is a key element to our philosophy
  • #70 can you leave feedback for my design please . thanks
  • About #60 Hi ED I have made this to express the motive of your company by uniting abstract People inside the stethoscope, hope you will like it Regards DexMind176
  • I like this it is clean crisp and not fussy. Can you suggest another colour option to compare
  • Hi CH, Please see my new entry #51 ... let me know your feedback.. thank you
  • Hello I submitted my entry #43 thank you for your feedback :)
  • There is a company in the UK called Medacs and although I like the design this looks too much like the word 'Medacs'
    • Hi CH, Thank You for the feedback. Ill take a different direction

  • Like this concept but not sure the heart works for this company. Any other symbols you could swap this for?
  • Great design. Are these additional emblems in addition to the company logo or as part of the main logo?
    • this emblem are can be used as icon to represent your company main logo is the one in the center

  • This looks great and is in my top three. It looks really clean and crisp which is what I want. How does it look on different colour backgrounds?
  • Hi CH! Check my entry #11. Hope you like the concept. Once that company is about bringing medical professionals together from all areas, the logo can form the word "to all medics". Hope you like. Send me some feedback. best regards, ricardop
  • SCH
    Hi CH, Thank your so much for your rating points on #198. I have improved the design to be more on the sense of medical professionals togetherness, please see my entry: #278 & #279 for details :)
  • sorry again,, please ignore #275,,please check #276. thanks
  • hi ch, sorry for my design #269,#273 Ē. I have resubmit my design #275, hope you will satisfy on it. regards prachuryya
  • #272 submitted as an update. Font change, color position. colors to pantone spot. emphasis on healthcare. not too ubuntu