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Winning design #102 by Dskwkrs, Logo Design for Toucan Locating Contest
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designed by Dskwkrs

Project description

I'm in the underground utility locating business. That's where you call a number before you dig and people come out to mark the location of your underground lines. That process is called "one-call", because with just one call, multiple utility operators are informed of the upcoming work. Unfortunately, the "one-call" process doesn't cover "private" utililites-- things like parking lot lights, fiber optic lines between buildings on university campuses, etc. So small companies exist to fill that niche market. I'm one of those little guys. Toucan represents a new name for me and it goes with the tag line "One Call doesn't always get the job done, but two can..." (Toucan, get it?) Since we use multiple colors to paint the various facilities (Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue, and Green being most common), it's also nice that the toucan's bill is brightly colored. I'd like a logo that incorporates the name and the bird, but not in an overly literal fashion. It should look stylish and modern and convey a sense of technical competence. It should not feel too feminine. Thanks in advance for your help. Cheers!

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  • Dear CH, I have just upload my first design #12 Please could you give me some feedback. Hope you like it. Thank you.
  • Hello CH, Please send my any feedback on entry #5 so I may improve it for you. Thanks, Nikki
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  • Dear MNCK, I have made requested changes #34 (without glossy effect) & #35, and I've made another versions #38 & #39 (in different colors; flat without a gradient). I am wondering what do you think. Kind regards, Babba
  • Dear CH, thank you for your kind feedback of my first design #12 . I have done as you suggested to try and make the symbol look more like an abstract version of a Toucan (see #37 ). This symbol is also meant to represent a target, a cross-section of a wire and the colours used to mark the different utilities. Hope this is better. I would be grateful for any further feedback as to how I could improve this design. Thank you, pgrundon.
  • Hi MNCK, I appreciate the feedback you've provided for my previous design which was entry number #16 -"The color gradient on the bill is kind of smudged. I think this would be stronger with a more vibrant, higher contrast coloration on the bill." Please check entry number #36 as I have made revisions and give it a cleaner look. I hope you like it. Thank you so much for your time. All The Best, Rhea Cory
  • Hello MNCK!:) Thank you very much for your feedback! When I saw your user name I found it so familiar, then I checked... ahhh "The Locator School":). I remember that very well and I am happy we are working together again. Now, here I made some changes #31 & #33 (PLEASE: eliminate my design #32 as I notice few mistakes with the spacing, so I entered #33 instead), removed tagline, subordinated the "locating", while in design #32, as you may see I had made those ring a bit thinner, since I thought name "Toucan" and bird itself were a bit drowned at overall look. I am about to make other changes with the replacing the bird into the company name. I was thinking about that also when I had made that design, but I was doubting a bit, and changing my mind as I'd thought it might visually kill the name of the company... but we shall see it later. Thank you one more time! Best regards. Babba
  • Dear CH, I submitted #28. Always welcome feedback. thank you, DM
  • hy ch... i sent design #27 your revision (I like this design and the toucan element is very strong and visually striking. The word "locating" doesn't need to be visually equal to "toucan" and the tagline need not be included. Simplified variations of this design would be appreciated. Thanks) my revision : i try to try one modification what you want. hope you like it. big hope I wanted my logo to be part of your company. bestregards catradesigns
  • This is very, very strong. I'd like to see it with the tagline eliminated and the word "locating" made subordinate to the whole.
  • This looks too playful and tropical. Thanks though.
  • This design fails to capitalize on the opportunity to use the bird in the design. Also the colors are too pastel.
  • This is a strong design. As is, it's not really appropriate for my business, but I like it a lot. Could it be made more masculine and more angular - less freehand. I know the freehand energy is part of what makes it so strong, but that doesn't really work with what I do.
  • This one is very strong and colorful, but has too much going on visually. This logo will primarily be seen on vehicles and should be easily read on the fly.
  • The more of these I look at, the more convinced I am that the bill should be a very strong design element. The color bar "locating" detracts from the bird.
  • The graphic element here reminds me of a bat or a totem pole. It's visually striking, but not what I'm looking for. Thanks.
  • The toucan element gets lost here. Locating doesn't need to be this prominant. Sorry. I should have noted that at the beginning of the contest.
  • Not to my taste, but thanks.
  • Strong graphic element reminds me of a peacock feather. May be better without the bottom portion.
  • Prefer other design by same artist.