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Winning design #136 by mmkdesign, Logo Design for Tough Mothers Academy Contest
Gold Medal

designed by mmkdesign

Project description

This is a health and wellness online academy for new moms.  The emphasis is on exercising with their babies and building strength in mom and baby.  I have a specific idea that must be incorporated if not be the main focus...looking from the back at a mother holding her baby in one arm, they are looking at each other smiling with one of baby's arms around mom's neck while they are each making a muscle with their outer arms. Both need to look healthy, happy, and strong.  

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  • Thanks for showing me these options. I still really like #84 the best. Thanks #176
  • Thank you for continually adjusting things! Your two logos are nearly perfect for me. The one hang up I still have is the baby's hair. With the hair at the bottom of his head, it almost looks like he's got a double profile with two faces. Thanks! #184
    • @sariyasaabye Hi. Thanks for your responses. I won't manage to add new design as I am not at the computer. If you choose me as the winner I surely will complete hair to the kid. Thanks.

  • Dear Sir
    please check it. i have made hair and smile. hope you like. Thanks #182
  • Check new design. Thanks. #179
  • Hello! I downloaded several options in other colors. I hope you will like it. #175

  • Hi...
    After understanding your brief, I have made a clean and modern logo
    please check it out :)
    I hope you like the design from me :)
    thank you:)
    regards:) #172
  • hope you like this, descriptions below #166
  • I hope you will like it #162
  • Thanks for taking the notes. I definitely like that it's less pointy, but it goes off at an odd angle for me. I'd like to see it more rounded towards the center. Thanks! #148
  • To me it looks like her torso is on a surfboard. Thanks #147
  • This is a little busy for me, and losing the point at the bottom of the heart makes it look like a behind. Thanks #151
  • This is too busy for me. The outer arms are too extended, I don't like the lopsided heart, ponytail is too long, needs to be perky, and baby's arm is not wrapped around mom. Thanks #150
  • I really like this! Thanks for taking into consideration all I said. It also combines some elements of other submissions that I like. I don't like mom's torso coming to a point at the bottom, though. Thanks! #146
  • Not sure if there's a difference between this and #140? Both of yours are the front runners at this point, but baby's hair is still not ideal for me. My favorite baby hair is still #92. I've opened this contest up to my team for voting now! Thanks #141
  • Check design. Thanks. #140
  • This is my favorite of your submissions. I like the general look and feel, just not connecting as well to this one as some of the others. I don't have any specific notes, though. Thanks. #137
  • Hi. Check new hair. Thanks for your comments. #136
    • @mmkdesign Thanks for continually taking the notes and tweaking things! Hair still says boy to me. Maybe a little longer? Longer hair could be boy or girl. Most moms will let their baby boy's hair grow out, the first haircut is a tough thing. Thanks!

  • This one is a little too busy for me. Thanks #134
  • I like this baby's hair best of all your designs, but it's still off for me. can it be a little less symmetrical, maybe even curly? My favorite baby so far is #92. Thanks! #94
  • Thanks for continually giving me new things to consider! I don't like the TMA, though. #118