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It was great to get a lot of new and interesting designs. Even if some of them were not very useful it was very hard to pick just one at the end of the contest.

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Winning design #101 by Horizon, Logo Design for Tourism association logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Horizon

Project description

The logo should include a recognizable emblem/symbol related to Scheifling. This can be mountains, the river Mur, the Mursteg (small bridge for cyclists over the Mur; [1], [2]), the Ritter Ilsung (famous knight from Scheifling, [3]) or something similar you would associate with a small village in the Central Eastern Alps.
In addition we would also like to see the lettering “Tourismusverband Scheifling” in the final logo.

The emblem of the village Scheifling is red and green and the colors of Styria are green and white. So also this logo should be held in one or more of those colors (green #008232, white and/or red; our favorite is green).
We will be launching a new website to promote our region and all its opportunities and will adjust the website’s color to the new logo.
But the logo will also be used in print media.

If possible, the emblem and the lettering should be useable without the other but we will also stick with a combined logo if it fully meets our expectations.


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  • A horse alone is not enough, it looks like a logo for a horse show. (There is a riding school in Scheifling but the tourism association is not just related to this. The logo has to transport the spirit/history of Scheifling.)
  • It's nice but looks a bit too technical/geometrical.
  • Good idea but looks like a logo for a horse show.
  • Good idea but looks like a logo for a horse show.
  • Also very good but the contrasts are too low in this version.
  • Great. Simple and clean.
  • It's not looking ready at all.
  • This is overloaded and not rustic nor modern.
  • A very good idea. Please provide us a revision without to bottom graphic and Austria and without the crown. Please also replace the stars with a smoking pipe as there is a smoking pipe museum in Scheifling.
  • This looks too technical.
  • About #11 The green bars at the top are to represent the mountains. The red horse in the center is to represent the knight (the horse symbol is supposed to be the knight piece used in chess). Lastly, the two waves at the bottom are to represent the river Mur. Feel free to let me know if you'd like any changes made. Thank you!
  • backgrounds not allowed unless requested by the contest holder infraction for
  • you have had so many chances, you once again are caught using clipart found here infraction for this will not be reversed and you are now banned from DC
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  • Dear CH, I have uploaded the design without the glossy effect as requested, Thanks
  • #44 sorry about my mistake... Now it´s correct... best regards PauloDesign
  • Looks very technical.
  • Reminds me of a Clipart.
  • Nice idea. But a bit overloaded. Please remove "Austria". Why are there two churches? There's only one in Scheifling ;-).
  • Please provide a version without the glossy effect.