TOWe- Organisational capacity building initiative

Excellent experience again... a little shaky in the beginning but in the end I was very happy with the result.

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Project description

"TOWe" is a capacity building initiative developed by Sam Abbato.  It has a focus on helping organisations (mainly not-for-profits) build staff learning in learning about "what they do, How what they do makes a difference, and how they can do it better?"  It is about building "evaluation" or capacity for "making insights" into their work.

The acronym represents:

Tailored approach to support the client

through Online coaching and

Workshops to facilitate

Experiential learning (i.e. learning while "doing") in Evaluation.

TOWe acknowledges that all organisations have their own unique culture and that understanding the organisation within a broader context and the individuals working within the organisation is key to building capacity.

Note: TOW is to the power of "e"- (i.e. as a superscript) but fonts here won't let me do that.

My website for my overall consultancy business is:

This has my logo on it. Logo is also attached.

I am wanting the same colors (and three main colors- blue, green, green) and theme as my logo but to extend it into a "moving" forward for TOWe.

Play on the word TOW would be good because the approach is like a TOW-boat- leading organisations out and guiding them but they decide on the direction- the TOWing suports them when they need it. So it needs to be a "moving thing" and shows the 3 main methods to "get to where they want to go".

About building their ability to move ahead in the direction they want to go.

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