Town of Argyle Economic Development Corporation

axel_sonnet was excellent to work with. He responded very timely to all input that was provided during the design contest and his work and professionalism were outstanding. I would work with him again!

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Winning design #74 by axel_sonnet, Logo Design for Town of Argyle Economic Development Corporation Contest
Gold Medal

designed by axel_sonnet

Project description

We want the logo to represent a "first class-rural style" community. Incorporating a cupola with a weather-vane. Possibly the letters "EDC" on the compass rose under the weather vane. We would like to include the Town of Argyle logo into the weather-vane. With "Economic Development Corporation" under the artwork. Would like to see a classic design with neutral colors. Maybe even more of an icon looking design. Please see attached files for more detail.

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  • Hello @mjones1, here are the corrections:

    > More subtle arrow from left to right
    > Proportion of weather vane
    > Larger cupola
    > 2 sided plans roof
    > Sizes of texts "Town of" and Baseline.
    > Same text layout for both version horizontal & vertical.

    Note : the horizontal logo has been tinted to plain grey color ( no more shadows and reliefs ), maybe you prefer it this way.

    If there is anything that you want to change , i can do it during the finalization part.

    Have a good day ! #74
  • See input on #52 for comments. I appreciate your patience and edits! #53
    • @mjones1 working on it... thank you for you feedback... appreciate it...

    • @mjones1 please take a look with my new revisions #69 #68

  • Hi CH, I hope you like this revision. #62
  • I made some final comments. Thank you for your responsiveness. Really great designs! #60
    • About #60, @mjones1 .Thanks !
      I'll make all the correction tomorrow morning ( it's midnight here in France ^^ )

  • The arrow seems bent and/or slightly disproportional. Also it needs the strike through from left to right. See other posts or my images in the brief. #60
  • Can you clean up the ridge-line on the cupola to have 2 planes? #60
  • would like to see the same "slat" look on this side and also cupola slightly larger?#60
  • Would like to see this text layout below graphic as well. Town of and Argyle text could be a little smaller and Economic Development Corporation could be slightly larger #60
  • I made a few comments, really great design!
  • try adding some dimension to the Argyle/arrow #52
  • Center the text more with the graphic #52
  • Town of and Argyle slightly smaller than current font Economic Development Corporation a little larger font #52
  • Try maybe 2 thin lines or a tapered look #52
  • Clean classic style logo.
    Tell me what you think about this design. #61
  • @mjones1, here is another text layout for the horizontal version. #60
  • Hello, @mjones1: As you asked, i have design a new version without the circle around the "argyle" , i also created an horizontal version with your layout idea, it works pretty well in deed ! ^^ Thanks for your feedbacks. #59
  • Hello @mjones1, I worked on my previous version and focus on balance and perpectives. Hope you'll like it ! #46
    • @axel_sonnet #46 is our top choice so far! Could we see it without the oval adound "Argyle" at the top and incorporate the arrow into the name instead of having the oval? Also could we see it with the text to the right in a horizontal layout? Maybe try something like the following: Town Of Argyle Economic Development Corporation Having "Town of" smaller above Argyle and then "Economic Development Corporation" under Argyle?

  • AEDC-1

    Hello, see how you like this draft layout. #39
    • @Fabio Piscicelli it is a very creative design, however just a little busy. #46 is the top choice of the group right now if that gives you any direction.

    • @mjones1 Yes, just a rough draft to have a better idea on the image you seek.

  • @mjones1, Variation on text layout. #47
  • Would like to see the weathervane on top of a cupola. Maybe the text to the right in a "horizontal" layout? See #22 and #27 #13
    • About #13, OK @mjones1
      Please check #38