This is my second time using design contest and the results were incredible... again. Even if I have an internal graphic artist at our company, I rely upon the design contest designers for the really important projects.

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Our new brand name is trackforce. We are a software company that provides web and mobile applications. Our software helps companies track their workforce and enables the employees to communicate progress on their daily tasks, through mobile devices. Employees in the field can send in reports with text, pictures, and video. There’s even the ability for employees to use their phone as a sensor to communicate with the central office that a task is done. The majority of customers are security guard companies who need to both verify that the guards made their patrols, and to enable two way communication on tasks, incident reports, etc.. The security guard industry is not the only industry served so please use that as an example only. Keywords associated to the visual brand identity are… integrity, verification, confidence, advanced technology, modern, accountability, mobile, intelligence, cloud, automated, speed, real-time Please take the following requirements into consideration: Colors: 2 or less. The design should not include effects such as gradients, reflections, shadows, etc. Color combinations: Please choose 1 of 3 primary colors, Orange, blue or red. Based on what color you choose, feel free to add greys or whites. Another possibility is to use 2 tones of the same color (ex. Light blue, dark blue) Fonts: The name should be all caps or all lower case. Do not use serif fonts, cursive fonts, decorative fonts or proprietary fonts such as Futura. Desktop-available Typekit or Google fonts are okay. Imagery: Emblems should be more abstract. It is preferred that they be incorporated with the typography. Please don’t incorporate literal use of shields, badges, or locks as the security industry is overrun with these images.

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  • what kind logo,emblem or typographi or everything?
    • A logo with typography and emblem

    • |--|

      trackforce {*wrote*}:
      A logo with typography and emblem
      |--| ok,thanks for information ,i'm sorry my vocabulary is not good :)

  • I uploaded designs #9 and #10. Please do not hesitate to give suggestions. What ever you need, let me know. Thanks!
  • HI CH just submit my first design #111 please feedback thanks :)
  • Hello, I like the mark but I'd like to see other font options. Also additional versions of that mark would be great.
    • GoodDay trackforce this is the revision that i made. Draft #94 #95 #96 Thankyou for the feedback -menggo

  • Just posted #86. I would love to get some directions, or thoughts. Thank you.
  • better
  • I'm trying to help clarify but it doesn't seem to be working... choose 1 of 3 options for a color pallet 1. Blue, light blue, grays 2. Red, dark red, grays 3. Orange, darker or lighter orange, and grays
  • Same feedback as last but I like how you are combining concepts visually
  • I like that you're playing around with it but not feeling this design.
  • Thank you. Still too literal for me. Prefer not to have thin lines in the design as well.
  • same feedback as the other. different font please... and please put on a white background. Thank you!
  • Thank you but the road does not apply correctly to the company
  • Always good to see more versions, thank you.
  • Thank you, would like a stronger font but I like the cloud concept.
  • There is still a two color version on here. One of the following colors should be there on all designs. Red, Blue, orange. Thank you
  • Concept is good but would like a different font.
  • please review the instructions. no gradients, only one primary color. Thank you!
    • now a have look my in my updated design #72 , give feedback , thnks

  • I'm not sure you understood the feedback. It should use one of the following colors... blue, orange, or red.
    • Helo - thank you for all your comments. I'm searching for the best color combination. I can see you've liked the blue one, so I'll try to work onthis one a bit. kind regards

  • The binoculars are a little too literal for me but I like the concept for a visual mark. Doesn't have to be surrounding the words either
    • Thanks for feedback, I will improve on this concept

  • For the knockout version on the bottom, can you use a very light grey for the A and O similar to the top?