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Winning design #72 by mmkdesign, Logo Design for Trade Context Contest
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designed by mmkdesign

Project description

I started a day trading company and I want to have a cool design. Day trading, for those of you who don't know, is a way to invest. It is trading stocks during the day, not holding the positions overnight. I have played with the idea of having an animated avatar as my logo but I don't really know what I want. My company will teach people how to day trade. 

I have also seen some designs with pictures faded in the background of the logo and i think those look cool too. However, I am currently open to all ideas and looking to be inspired by a logo. 

Beneath is some ideas, I really like the way the one designer makes some logos fun, but relevant. 

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  • try to put some colors in #58. #79
  • like these...can you keep going with this #73
    • @jsix Hi. Thanks for feedback. If changes of design are necessary, tell me. Thanks.

  • I created this large brained fellow. He can be very easily animated if you wanted him to discuss strategies on your website. I wanted him to looked quickly sketched and identifiable. : ) #62
    • @lizonil love this direction...

    • @lizonil lets continue with him...I like the bull too but I want to stand out from the crowd...most of them have bulls and bears

  • Hi there, here is a first attempt. I went for this dark yellow to stand out in the crowd, and it reminds me of 'how to' manuals. You could animate this bull easily. I can try a different beast for you. I will try it without a ring in his nose. #50
  • There is it with human and tie.If you want to change color os without circle,just feedback my work. #47
  • please check it,thanks. #46
  • Feedback pliss. #43
    • @guzo33 how about a human avatar in a tie instead of an animal...lets see what that looks like

  • Hi, here is my design work. I hope you like it. The file is vector AI format. You can use it for any marketing printing elements. Please let me know if you have any feedback. I can revise for you, Thanks #44
    • @dignemorich111 Hi..I like it actually! One of my favorites so far.

    • @dignemorich111 Hi..I like it actually! One of my favorites so far.

  • Need more relevance to day trading #33
  • Like the animation direction, but not sure the fox fits. #17
  • Please check my input design you sagat help #15
  • silahkan cek design saya #13
  • please check please love feedback #4