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Winning design #86 by kuswanto_heri123, Logo Design for Traffic Intellect  Contest
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designed by kuswanto_heri123

Project description

We are a russian young survey company that work in the fields of traffic, transport and the development of road infrastructures.
We collect input data for company that build transport model for cities, regions and countries.
We provide input data (generally in the form of traffic volume counts or field surveys) for authorities and private companies (investment companies, engineering companies, transport operators…).

What do we expect from you :

  1. The Logo 
  2. The logo + the slogan in russian : мы видим движение
  3. The logo + the slogan in english : we see your movements

Format :

  1. Vector graphics images (.svg)
  2. jpeg, png, gif

Key word:

Input data, transport modeling, modal transportation, observation, maps, people, population movement, geographic, survey, movement, origin-destination, passenger, researches, smart traffic, transport vision, data collect, transport, counting passagers, interview, Household Travel Surveys, intellect, traffic volume count, data collection method, Transportation, field operators, surveyors, modes of transportation, all types of transportation data, geographic data, Transportation networks

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  • About #62, @intechnology
    Oh! And last advise! About the colour! Try yellow, white and black! :)
  • About #62, @intechnology
    Hi! I like your idea of the eye and the road!
    Could you try to create something with not only roads but with railway too ? For exemple, railroad and road merge to create an eye. Thank you in advance.
    • @cmardoukhaev Also, if it's possible, could you create a slightly finer logo (on the basis of this one)! Thanks :)

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