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Had a little hiccup when designs that looking nothing alike were being taken down as too similar, but overall a decent experience.

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Winning design #224 by DONALDBAKER, Logo Design for Traffic Ticket Protection Logo Design Contest
Gold Medal

designed by DONALDBAKER

Project description

TicketsBite is a traffic ticket protection company. If someone receive a ticket for speeding, running a red light, etc. then we will pay their fine. We are looking to replace our current logo with something better. Please try and incorporate some kind of aspect of getting pulled over into the logo. It could be speed, cars, police, tickets - whatever you want. IMPORTANT: Please see and make sure that the entry you submit looks good placed where the current logo is. The winner will be based on which designer makes the best looking logo for our current website. Please note that your design does NOT have to resemble our current logo at all. In fact, we are looking for something different and creative.

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  • Not much of an improvement. The font needs changing as well. I'm not sure what the icon is supposed to resemble.
    • thank you for providing me feedback it is an imaginary ticket style

  • Interesting idea, I'd be interested in seeing you clean this up a little bit and make it more modern.
  • HI CH what should i Change in my Design #44? thanks..
    • Hi Knocksjumdana, I would suggest that you try and incorporate some kind of aspect of getting pulled over.

  • Hi CH, I've submitted design #50, waiting for your feedback. Thanks
  • Try and incorporate the aspect of getting pulled over.
  • I like that you're getting creative with the K. The logo is still a little bland though, and needs something more.
  • Not too bad, try and incorporate the aspect of getting pulled over more.
  • Not too bad, but not quite there yet.
  • Hello CH, recently I have entered various contests and the contest holder has not fully understood how the site works, you may already know this but basically, each designer has a limited number of entries due to their level, you level up by being rated by the contest holder out of 100 but if an entry is eliminated, they no longer receive those points. So, to conclude, if you rate all of the designers and don't eliminate any, people will be able to have more entries!
    • I did not know this, thanks for the heads up!

  • Still needs something else.
  • Looks a little better, but this logo needs a lot of work instead of just minor changes.
  • Creative, but not quite what we're looking for.
  • I like that you're trying to add a car feel to the logo. Very creative, but it needs something more.
  • Bland, try and represent the aspect of getting pulled over more.
  • I think this one is a step in the wrong direction, the first one is closer.
  • Hi I hope that you like my submission#35,thinks cordially
  • Hello CH, I just submitted #21 for your review. Any feedback would be great! Thank You
  • Really like this design! Just needs a little something more.
    • Thanks I like it too. I will try to add "something more" :-)

    • I think it might just be the text. It doesn't look quite right when you put it into the site.

    • Now I added a little more "speed" to the logo and corrected the green color to suit your site better #19.

  • Not bad, I would recommend trying to incorporate something into the text instead of just sticking an icon out front.
  • This design is closer. Still doesn't look quite modern enough, and doesn't fit in the site well.