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designed by Brendox

Project description

SEVEN MOTION is a small, new international transport cargo company using trucks. The logo should inspire confidence and reliability. The main word of the company name is SEVEN and MOTION is complementary word which should give direction and clue the reader about the field of activity of our company. Initially I focused my attention on the word MOTION due to the two letters "O" which may suggest a head truck wheels. Later I thought of SEVEN who I believe has potential because of the relative symmetry of the word and because it represents the number "7". I'm not sure exactly... but it must include the words SEVEN and MOTION. The logo should be as simple and meaningful as possible. No shadows or gradients. The agreed colors are blue, black (can be shades of those colors) and maybe a little red (to break the monotony). The logo should have a maximum of two colors, though. The logo should be printed on the side of a truck, letterhead, stamp, website, etc. Thanks for your efforts. P. S. Please, read all the comments. P. S. 2 It is not very clear to me, how the logo should look (otherwise I would make it myself :)) but in general, it looks that: -it should have a clean, simple look; -easy to read and understand; -SEVEN (at least) written in capital letters and simple, serious font; -a simple logo sign, which can make easily the connection with the company name and can be easily recognized; -if possible number 7 not too obvious; -colors:black, blue and maybe a little red, but a maximum of two colors; -without shadows and gradients; -no trucks.

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  • Hello CH, here we are sending our proposals for your consideration 18 19 Please, kindly, let us know what you think and all about the related changes you would like to see. Thank you. Best regards.
  • The original message violated the rules, can't delete the message. Excuse me for this comment.
  • Can I see it in darker colours? Can you try some S7M logo in the same style?
  • about #53 sorry I've limited level for submit design . But I can change
  • Difficult to read, not what I am looking for.
  • Could I see with capital letters SEVEN?
  • Could I see with capital letters SEVEN?
  • Any other ideas will be welcomed, but try to go on the path the comments leads you. The idea of a sign in the logo and even a tagline, some designers had, it 's worth being explored.
  • This one looks nice, but I am not sure if is appropriate for my kind of business.
  • Not sure about the sign and font.
  • Dear CH, Pls check my design entry #49, I hope you like it. Thank you! Best Regards, Finestroke
  • About #48 Not what I am looking for. Feel free to include any tagline you want. It can be easily changed or removed if needed. Any blue you feel is suitable for the impresion the logo should give to the client.
  • About #47 Too crowded.
  • Hi there! Please have look at #48, any feedback would be welcome. Also I want to ask 2 things: - should we include in the logo international transport or some tagline? - what blue had you in mind (ultramarine, dark, sky, cyan etc etc) O zi buna!
  • About #39 It looks a lot like #33.
  • Do you have ve got any feedback for me on #39 please, so that i can upload a new design?
  • To all I apologize if you feel offended by the comparisons and assessments I made​​. I just want you to have a feedback, the first visual impressions of the logos. Thus, the comments made ​​for different logos should help you figure out what I'm looking for. Thank you.
  • About #41 I can barely read it.
  • About #26 and #31 I don't think is only that "V" that I don't like...
  • About #18 and #19 That 7 looks like a bird to me.