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I was very impressed by the professional designes created. Specifically Elijah, the designer I choose to go with was extremely good and provided a much better logo than I expected. Highly recommend. This far beats hiring one designer and waiting for 2 weeks while a design it created. This way there are many designers and your projects in done ASAP.

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Winning design #56 by Elijah, Logo Design for Trench 2 Trail Gear Shop Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Elijah

Project description

Hey guys, I need a logo and business cards designed for Trench 2 Trail. We are a gear company and carry a number of products from sniper gear / firearm accessories, camping / climbing / hiking equipment, to emergency supplies for an urban household. Our market is such that we want to appeal to those in the military / survival community, while at the same time appealing to the family with children who like to camp, and the IT professional who wants emergency kits at home for him and his family. For the logo, I don't have any set idea of what I want it to look like. I have seen both word based and icon based logos for a number of companies and tend to prefer icon over just straight word based. However, I am not a designer and am completely open to what you think will look good. Shoot me your best! In the future we may be posting a web design project as well.

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  • Thank you for submitting this. Of the few that have been sent so far, I really like this one. I was hoping that the text could feel a little more creative and maybe with a different color. Yellow isn't my favorite. Also, maybe you can add some kind of an iconic logo piece it to give people an image that they remember us by? Thank you
  • I really like the direction you are headed with this! The gear looks cool, but I am worried that people might think I make metal parts or something like a mechanist. Maybe the icon cam be more suited for the outdoors / camping / survival?
  • Thank you for submitting your design! The "s" on the end of trench and trail aren't exactly what I am looking for. Also the design in the center is a little confusing to my eye.
  • Thank you for the positive feedback,i made the changes you suggested and added color to the icons to keep it more balanced, later today i will work on the icons to make them as real as possible. Thanks again. Best regards Elijah
  • This is great! Would you be able to turn the last icon into a first aid icon like you did in # 7. Also, the 3rd Icon looks like a knife. Could you put some climbing gear in there like # 20? Finally, just to the right of the trees can you add a little hiker like in # 7? This is excellent!
  • Hi Hecate, I like the changes. Only a couple of things I would still like to see: Can you change the bullets into something that is more obvious to what it is? Maybe like a gun or grenade. Also the "2" look huge. Could you maybe adjust it down to something smaller? Thanks
  • Hi Luxdesignery, I actually like the first one better. I didn't describe what I meant well. I like the icons, but there is only a little bit of that with a lot of "words" maybe try something with more logo / icon and less words?
  • CH, I have changed the type face of #6 to something less blocky. Is this more of the style you prefer? Thanks!!
  • Dear CH, I'm glad you liked my idea, the Swiss knife really was the first item that came in my mind while reading you brief, being common for all the areas you cover. I added 4 icons describing more detailed your products - medical cross, tents, bullets and a compass. I also moved "gear shop" on the place where the corkscrew usually is - to complete the image of the knife #22 Hope you'd like the changes. I'll be waiting for your comments and advices! :) Best regards, S.S. Hecate
  • I like this a lot because it just seem to be a good fit. I would like it even more if it showed something about the other aspects of the gear we have similar to #6 or #7. Also, is there a way to make "gear shop" more visible with out taking too much away from "trench 2 trail"? Thank you
  • I like how you have the hiker on the boat and it looks like someone else in the back. The icons on the bottom are a great explanation of what we do. I'm still deciding whether I like the writing for "trench 2 trail" Maybe you could try a variation or two? Thanks!
  • This is a really cool idea! Only draw back I can see at the moment is that the T's look a little like L's. If you get some other inspiration, I would be delighted to see what additional ideas you have! Thank you
  • The icon / logo on the left is good because it explains the 4 major sections of our business. We also deal with firearm accessories, so maybe that can be added some how? Also the type for trench 2 trail isn't my favorite. Maybe you can try some variations with that and the color?
  • I really like that you have added the icons at the bottom. The type is a little blocky from my liking. The icons are great. Maybe a variation would be cool?
  • I like that this incorporates some military type font as well as green. For it to work, I would want it to look more custom with an icon of some kind to go along with it. Maybe something that also encompasses the other aspects of the business aside from military as well.
  • Thank you very much for also including the cards at the bottom! So far you have been the only one to do that. The logo is not exactly what I am looking for as I think that it may make people think that I have a machine shop and make metal parts! Maybe you can try a different icon? Thanks man
  • Elijah, Would you be able to try military green as a color option instead of the orange? Just want to compare the two. Thanks
  • Dear contest i tried to do something different , hope you like it #51 . Best Regards, João Santos
  • Elijah, I like the number 31 that you did. Will you please remove the orange from the icons? Also, will you please put the logo on a business card of some kind? Thank you