I loved the whole expirience ! From the moment our contest began we knew we were on the correct site - the feedback was amazing and the program ran very well ! Thank you design contest !!!

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Winning design #150 by carolinawallace, Logo Design for Tresis Contest
Gold Medal

designed by carolinawallace

Project description

Three sisters are beginning a feminine fine jewelry line, based on triangular shapes because of its three angles( company name is TRESIS ) . The jewelry designs are angular and classy modern with a playful edge! ... we tried to create three girls but it looked like a seamstress shop logo- so we leave it up to you.( we really would like a girl figure incorporated in the look if possible but she has to be made out of triangles....) The main idea is the three angles because of the three girls  

this logo will be engraved in all our pieces so it must be clear to laser print it on metal. 
Good luck ! Please be creative - we enjoy out of the box !! 

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  • hope you like my design #242
  • Interesting. Is it supposed to look like the profile a face ? #232
  • About #191, @carolinawallace please ignore my comments they were unclear and I'm having trouble explaining it ...
  • This is two it is to be thickened #191
  • This is two it is to be thickened #191
  • This is one. The others are unclear. #191
  • This is three ... To be thicker. #191
  • Number two for the thickening. #191
  • Number two for the thickening. #191
  • Could you only thicken 1,2,3 ? #191
  • This logo is simple, but could be engraved rather easily. The "T" is Arial, but twisted to the point of not being recognizable (while still being rather easy to engrave.) #228
  • Hi missmichal97!
    In my designs i use a concept with wings
    I send you my proposals #215
  • Haha yes I can see why that would be a little bit disturbing :) I have made some changes -- please let me know if you would like to see any other modifications. Best, Quelita. #193
  • I like the other version better. Thanks. #181
  • new design #186
  • About #116, @bdziewicki love the idea ! What else can you create out of the triangles ? Maybe a figure or something unique ?
    • About #116, @missmichal97 Thank you. Are you looking for a person(s), an animal, or just a random design with triangles? Also, do you like the font?

    • @bdziewicki like the font and we are trying to go with a girl or three girls

  • It's very very very cute ! Could you maybe include another two faces ? ( just to see how it would look ) #145
    • SCH

      About #145, @missmichal97
      Thank you so much for your comments, i like the brand name - Tresis and i thought i could have done it with something cute & memorable. please find my revisions @ #161, #162 & #163 :)

    • @SCH really enjoy the look. Thank you !!

  • I didn't understand, is it for child?
    • @MVdesigner

    • @MVdesigner it's for young adults but we don't need it to look provocative we want it to be cute and friendly

  • Love love love this design ! The name pops and the triangular lips speak !! Was wondering if you could thicken the bottom trisngles to form a M And maybe create triangular hats instead of the three top triangles ? #150
  • Love it !! Could you maybe change the eyes ? #136