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Winning design #55 by nanakojo, Logo Design for Tri-City Forge Contest
Gold Medal

designed by nanakojo

Project description

Tri -City Forge is a blacksmithing/ horseshoeing company based in Eastern Washington. I am using the logo for display on my red transit working van and business cards. I like flowing designs that incorporate horses and horseshoes 

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  • About #55, @annedesigns this is the one! now what is the next step?
    • @mattmagan Hi CH, In a contest like this, contest holders will award a winner and then the winner will upload all the files of the winning design for the contest holder to review:)

    • @mattmagan Kindly contact the moderator

  • I like # 55. Just like this one but just a hair different . Looks good thanks #56
  • This is it. This is the one for sure. #55
    • @mattmagan this is it. I like #55

  • Nice! Could i maybe see what it looks like with red background. I am placing it on the side of my red transit van. I really like that one u posted that almost looked like metal #56
  • I would like tri-city dirge farrier service #38
    • @mattmagan Hi CH, please check the revisions... I hope you like it..

  • Can we get a farrier service on this on. I like this logo #38
  • I have added farrier service #50
  • tri -city forge #47
  • forge #46
  • Hi Sir,

    Here is my first concept #42
  • I like this. Could we put tri-city forge farrier service instead of the black smithing horseshoeing #25
    • @mattmagan , Thanks for your review. I changed Farrier Service. Check it & tell your opinion #36

  • Vector Logo #34
  • Vector Logo #33
  • Let's do tri-city forge farrier service on this logo.
  • I have designed this logo according to your requirements. I have tried to make the logo modern yet keeping it serious , professional and clean.Please tell me if you want to see any changes or variations. I'll respond to you as soon as possible. #30
  • Hope you enjoy this one!
    Thanks! #24
  • Hi!
    My design was removed by the have several proposals in the same design. My mistake.
    The one you liked the most.
    And later I'll send you another proposal.
    Thank you! #22
  • I like the one on the bottom right. #8
    • About #8, @mattmagan

      Thank you for the feedback.
      What you sugest to make it unique?
      Font type change? Color?

  • New design #10
  • Nice Classic Logo with great contrast to a red vehicle.
    Clear and to the point.
    Enjoy. #9