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Winning design #83 by alesan11, Logo Design for Tri Love; Womens Triathlon company Contest
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designed by alesan11

Project description

**i uploaded a new file...I am literally in love with this version of 'love'...would love a similar design! Upscale, sporty, yet feminine clothing and jewelry line for triathletes. Inspirational, athletic without being too "girly". The 'Lululemon' of womens' brands instead of Nike. Higher quality, higher price, much more feminine. Not slutty. Company name is : "tri love" , tag line "live love tri" also will need a "run love" as well eventually and a website if this works out we can pay for both! If you have an idea for a better tagline, I will pay more for more work after. Also kicking around "because three is better than one" or something as a reference to a threesome. Triathlon is swim, bike, run in that order. No pictures of people swimming/biking/running please, **but symbols, etc are fine, just no actual people! Most triathlon clothing for women is manly or unisex. These will be sexy cuts, shorter, more classy and feminine, a bit edgy, but all not being trashy, girly or cheesey. Must be usable for a bike jersey, ie. easy to read and eye-catching. I attached a file of some logos I really like to see a sense of my style and also the colors I like. Not set on it but a good guide! Definitely possibility of more work and more money in the future. I own 3 businesses and always need more graphic design! Colors: Deep red shades (or pink/red colors if shading/tones used); Tiffany blue (even if its just background) and white/black/silver/grey are the only others that can be used. Fonts I like are similar to "candy script" or similar. Can be Tri-love with a hypen or capitalized or not capitalized, whatever looks good and goes with the design. Possibly even use the 'L' in love to be a heart turned on its side? Really like this idea. Like the 'B" in the "believe" logo i attached but as an 'L' creating a heart. ***would really like to see some wordmarks, or the words "tri-love" with the hearts/icons as part of the letters too instead of separate from it!

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  • Hello CH, About #32 I took your suggestion with the 'L' and executed it. The small logo in the top left can go on your products. I hope my design is close to what you are looking for. I will be waiting for your feedback Thank you, Creativitron
  • Hi!! Thanks for the comment. All the information is great to continue working in a logo that you like it! Regards!
  • thanks! i really dig #20...but let me put good thoughts together first before I respond since you only can do 2. Def need to change the font and add more depth and pizazz...lemme think on it!
  • Hi CH, thanks for the feedback on my entries: #17, #18 & #20. I can only enter 2 more designs, so is there one of my three that you'd prefer me to work on? Thanks again!
  • this is awesome! lemme think about how to work it out a bit! thanks!
  • this whole group is amazing!! let me think about how to fine tune it if at all!
  • Im loving all of your ideas!! the font and color I would like to play with for more boldness, color dimension and depth...they are all really awesome, just need something extra in those categories?
  • i really dig the color shades in this and the overall idea! Im just not loving the font...maybe more of a font that pops?
  • LOVE this idea!! one it possible to use maybe the bottom of a running sneaker instead of a bare foot? Love it!
  • LOVE the main idea here! The font and colors need work, and overall maybe a bit simplistic and not feminine enough? Really dig the L so if it can be brightened up with reds/pinks and blues in the color scheme i provided the pic of? Maybe a cooler font?
  • love the idea! the font may need to change, but really I dont think the swans have anything to do with triathlon...anything else we can use?
  • About #5 and #13 I've been revising my designs in accordance with your request, this may be what you wish, thanks feel free to ask anything about my design sir, i hope my design to be part of your logo Best Regards, Adwadesign
  • love your ideas, thanks! may be not as eye popping and as athletic as I need, maybe also a word design instead of having a picture separate from the company name? The hearts as the "o" in love? something that is more upscale?
  • love the idea and the heart! maybe the font needs to change to give it a more feminine but not too feminine edge...what if the 'O' in love used the heart instead?
  • I really dig the clean, simple but attractiveness here. As far as colors and fonts go, I dont know if it pops for athletic gear and cant be seen well. the "tri love" def needs to be bigger or stand out better. or maybe encorporate the heart into the 'O" of tri-love? not sure, but I really like the idea alot
  • am really loving this, thanks!! love the font, love the heart. The colors I would love to work with....not sure how...I would love the entire field to stay in the color scheme. Maybe the heart can drop the blue and just be all tones of deeper reds? Im really not sure but LOVE your talent. also, on the side...any way to make either the "o" into the heart or make the "L" into a heart or something so its a self-contained like a wordmark instead of a pictoral?
  • I re-attached, lemme know if it doesnt come thru! thanks so much!!
  • it was attached! how do i make sure i get it to you?
  • CH, No files attached to brief?? Not sure whether you missed something. dlbonanno64
  • love this!!! thanks so much for listening! i dont even know if i have feedback. if this is the direction I choose, i will likely do feedback after I purchase. So far def the front runner. I am just trying to decide if I need some little bit of the sport in it...maybe even the font in italics to show some forward movement or something? something that says we are moving somewhere as athletes :)