Triangle Slip Resist - "TSR"

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Winning design #46 by Babbss07, Logo Design for Triangle Slip Resist -
Gold Medal

designed by Babbss07

Project description

Looking for logo ideas for:  Triangle Slip Resist .... or "TSR" which is an authorized dealer and installer of SlipDoctors products.  We are not allowed to use the SlipDoctors' logo within our logo.   These products are applied to hard surface flooring (ceramic tile, granite, vinyl flooring, and concrete) to reduce slip and falls.  We like the idea that the "R" in "TSR" could be kicked back to mimic a person slipping, but are open to other ideas.

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  • This is our #1 choice. For final version can you change the "A" in Triangle to a standard letter instead of the yellow triangle? #47
    • @kevin5 Sorry for the confusion - we actually prefer #46, not #47 - modified for the letter A instead of the triangle

  • This one is our favorite - just one change and we are ready to make you the winner! Please change the "A" in "Triangle" to a standard letter instead of the yellow triangle. THANKS! #46
  • Hello. Consistent whether my work with the brief? If something needs to change, write to me. Thank you! #69
  • HI


    how is my design?
  • Please check my design,,
    Thanks,, #53
  • Hi,
    I tried with another concept,
    do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

    Thanks. #51
  • Hi,

    Please check my design,

    Does it meet with your brief and represent your core brand values ?,

    Would appreciate if you give feedback.

    Thanks in advance, #20
    • @icap Maybe a little too "corporate". I know this sounds bad, but the logo needs to instill "danger" and selling by fear - versus us having to explain what we do. I like the font and and "R" slip. just needs to instill a bit more danger, caution, and immediate need for action.

  • Really like this. Can you show some options with other fonts? #14
  • Please check.
    Thanks. #21
  • Can you add some space between the words at the bottom and add a caution tape type banner between the TSR logo and the tag line (diagonal black and yellow banner) #10
  • Like this - maybe cant the "R" with a swoop under it to mimic a slip? Like the font for "Triangle Slip Resist" #1
  • Like this too - would prefer more of a dark teal (perhaps) or maybe a caution color like red or orange. Maybe instead of a circle, the logo inside of a shoe that is slipping on the floor? #6
  • Like this - can we do something with "canting" the R and adding a swoop under it to mimic a person slipping? #7
  • Not a big fan of yellow - like the kicked back "R" - maybe a thinner line font, the triangle is not that important, and would like to see the whole company name - Triangle Slip Doctor #8
  • concept 1 #8