Triathlon coach needs eye catching and sporty logo with company name in the design

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Winning design #73 by JonG303, Logo Design for Triathlon coach needs eye catching and sporty logo with company name in the design Contest
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designed by JonG303

Project description

Logo for race suits, warm ups sweats and hats. Also will be used on website. Logo must incorporate company name. It should be clear and easy to read will racing. Logo will appear on my racing suit which is navy blue so whatever color used must pop.

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  • Oops, the bike needs to be a tri bike.
  • Please fade out the squiggly lines around reality. Loose the whistle and make the rope more water/ocean like. Please incorportate a contrast color. My race suit is navy blue, turquoise. I will leave that to your judgment.
  • Hi CH, I tried to keep it very simple and iconic as well as easy to read. I wasn't sure about the running aspect but I find the mountain-esque symbol works well and hopefully isn't taken too literally. Thanks!
  • hi CH. for #1, my first sample, I have incorporated swimming, running, and biking within the logo. the man is running, the bike is for the bike riding, and the white behind "coaching" is wavy like the ocean. your name, "trireality" was played with an un-realistic type, which is symbol that can mean bringing the non-existance (possibly also mean new triathletes) into existance. (or for the atheletes to gain attention.) Thankyou!
  • changed bike and rearanged the icons.. many thanks designKB
  • sorry uploaded already wil make changes! thanks for comment!
  • About #13 - change order of sports to swim, bike, run - left to right. Thanks! bike needs to have triathlon image - aero bars on front.
  • @contestholder, can make changes whatever you want in :-) just name it! designKB
  • Submitted my logo using a whistle shape to represent the coaching aspect.
  • #17 #18 In here, I incorporated swim, bike & run into one icon. I think it's dynamic and fresh. As per the color combination, I am open to revisions, thanks!
  • Hi CH, This is my logo proposal for your brand. I am trying to insert a sense of energy into the design. I used bold fonts as the logotype and the emblem has three rings which relates the 3 events in triathlon. Regards, Azry
  • I like the design - would like to see the orange changed to a bright yellow. Keep this orange one here so I can compare. Thanks!
  • I like the design. Can you put the design to the left side of the name. Maybe slightly intertwined with the name? You are the expert. Thanks!
  • Dear CH, I have submitted 3 versions of Logo: #36 , #37 and #38. Thanks. Renata
  • Wow! Thank you very much for choosing my design; I'm honored. It was a lot of fun to make. I just uploaded the winning design. Let me know if it needs any adjusting. -Jon
  • Dear CH, please take a look on this version.I hope it's work for you.
  • This is the leader, but want to see slight color change. TriReality in sliver coaching in magenta design in magenta/silver (where yellow is) Thanks!! Can't wait to see this. Hopefully last one to win the contest.
  • Please check this new color version.Thanks. Best regards, Renata
  • Dear CH, there are 2nd and 3rd versions: #65, #66.
  • Dear CH, here is the changes.I hope you like it. Have a nice day! Renata