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Great website and the designers responded quickly to my requests. I was pretty happy with several submissions, and the winning design exceeded the expectations I had when I first started this. Will definitely use again.

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Winning design #70 by yolandayee, Logo Design for Triple O Funding Solutions Contest
Gold Medal

designed by yolandayee

Project description

We are a commercial finance company focusing mainly on invoice factoring for oilfield services and industrial construction, but with some any industries considered.

I am in need of a logo. I'm looking for a logo that can stand with or without the "Triple O Funding Solutions" being attached to it. Some sort of creative symbol or emblem that can be used on shirts and various marketing material and will be recognizable in time. I do also need versions that include the full company name- Triple O Funding Solutions- and the emblem. We do not want to see oil rigs or pumps in the logo as they are used too frequently in oilfieldrelated logos.

We like orange and navy blue colors, but aren't married to any specific colors.  We do want colors that would look good on white trucks and backgrounds.  Prefer a two color logo, but will also want the final submission to include a black and white version.

We can't wait to see what you come up with!

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  • I like the font in 60 and 63 better, I do like the black and white color in the lower section of this entry though
    • @phouston please rate my creation #71 #72 #73. ill give any revision that make it better. its very simple logo

  • Clean and simple design uses bold font and friendly colors to convey both strength and approachability. The use of negative space draws the viewer's eye to the concentric circles and could resonate with the concept of "pipes" without being explicit. Mark is clear and equally powerful in black & white and looks great with or without supporting text. Vehicle decal, business card and embroidered shirt applications simulated as well. #68
  • hi phouston, i posted another version entry #63 #64 just let me know if you have any suggestion to improve it. thanks
  • Can you move the logo to the left side of the triple o? #56
    • @phouston, yes i will provide you a greyscale version of it. also i'll be sending you the revision in a bit. thanks a lot

  • One more question, can you change the blue logo color to match the blue font color? #56
  • Also, will I get a copy of it in greyscale? #56
  • Hello, please take a look at the restoration of the logo and let me know your opinion or feedback, thanks :) #55 @k1ll05
  • thank you very much for the rating, I hope and pleases you to keep working on it, any suggestions are welcome. :) #47 @k1ll05
    • @k1ll05 I like that the font has mutiple color shades and I like the font style. I'm still debating the logo. It is interesting, but I'm not yet sure it is number 1.

  • I like the top section of this because I like the logo on the side of the business name. Would it be possible to get this top section in these colors, added to your design number 3 so I can have 2 variations of colors plus the grey scale one? #30
  • The logo concept is interesting, but it does not pop enough yet. Maybe it looks kind of flat/basic. I don't care for the font selection - maybe something more machine like block. #26
  • If you are interested in this design I can change the colors to your preference.Thank you #27
  • I like the font and the color combo. Still thinking about the logo. #19
  • I like the color combinations, but the logo reminds me of a radioactive sign. #17
  • TRIPLE O #20
  • TRIPLE O #19
  • I prefer your other entry (#6), better. The #6 logo stands out better as a unique design. #5
  • I like the graphic, but I prefer the other one you did with the slate color intersecting the blue rings. #2
  • I like the color combo. The graphic is interesting, but it's not the eyecatcher yet. #1
  • Let me know what you think about this concept. Thanks! #1