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Overwhelmingly GREAT. I've been through several logo iterations in my company - spending thousands of dollars and never being truly satisfied with the product. The contest allowed me to see multiple visions and creative approaches. For once, I saw what I liked and stuck with it - never wavering. I know this is the logo I've been waiting form

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Winning design #46 by Quicho, Logo Design for TriTrain Logo 2013 Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Quicho

Project description

I own a endurance sport coaching company. We train athletes for distance races - marathon, ultra-marathons, Ironman, triathlons, century bike rides, etc. We're looking for an updated logo for our company. The logo should express movement & speed. Ideally, the logo will include one single strong, recognizable branded element that can stand alone on a hat, visor, water bottle (i.e. the M-Dot of Ironman). Or current logo utilized the "T" in Tritrain as a recognizable element. (you can see the current logo at For what it's worth, I never liked that logo. Looks like a bird! (ha) Our team colors are black, red and white. The logo should contain the 3 words in the company name: TriTrain Endurance Coaching.

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  • Thanks for your submission. I like the direction, but not the font. It's a bit too soft (round). My first thought, when I see the image, is a runner. Any ideas on how you could incorporate cycling and swimming in an abstract way? (I have a tattoo that blends a runner/cyclist and swimmer as one. I could send you a picture by email or upload to the designcontest site).
    • I feel very good if this is not allowed to send mail but could send it to me my pro a message through the site, and let the font change thanks

    • Uploaded the copy of my tattoo to my brief. Hopefully it's clear enough to see. Although, we like the direction of your latest entry - so not necessary to change drastically. (See my last post regarding font)

    • # 17 Post design, typography change, something similar to what I ask, I hope comments, if you will, that just let me know to look for it or draw it thanks

    • Hi Quicho - getting closer. Would it be possible for you to give us a few more options of font. It's better, but still don't love it. If you look at the font that we've used in the past - it's more square / sharp, than round / soft. Also, please BOLD the Endurance Coaching, as I feel it gets lost when the font is thin.

  • Hi CH, for some reason I thought it was TriCoach - will fix #2 if you like the direction I'm going! Thanks, Bloom
    • Thanks for your entry. I do not want to go in the direction of your submission - as I'm hoping to avoid literal representations (a runner/cyclist/swimmer) and cartoon-like characters. A more abstract blending of the three (I have a tattoo that blends the 3 sports into one image) would be closer to what I have in mind. (if there's any way to upload a picture to the site to show designers, I will upload). Thank you

    • hi jason. can you upload your tattoo? as a designer but also as a tattoo lover, i would like to see it :) it's only an aesthetic interest :))

    • Uploaded to my brief. Hopefully it's clear enough to see.

    • I've seen it. I like the tribal look of the sign (like my shark tattoo :)) but personally I can't see quite clearly the three sport activities you mentioned :) Anyway, I'll try to submit a pair of logos :) Bear Hugs and good night

  • Hi, Design 5 is for your consideration. Need feedback for further changes, if it is near to you. Thanks and regards...
  • Thanks for your submission. I like the simplicity of the logo, but I want to avoid tying the company to any single sport. My cycling clients won't respond to a running shoe, and vice versa. Any other ideas for a less-specific, more abstract image....or a way to combine run/bike/swim together?
  • Hi Quicho - Thanks for submitting the revisions. We like this font better. Could we see the logo without the red semi'circle on the graphic image? (another designer submitted a logo - #36 - with a graphic image inside a red ball, which we all seemed to like. But we prefer your graphic).
    • Okay, here's shipping 3 different symbol, I welcome your comments thanks, n º 45, 46, 47

    • Quicho - Brilliant. Love all 3. I'm ready to finalize this deal and award you the win if I can get all 3 of those logos in high-res format (.eps & .pdf). This would enable me to use both the more elaborate red sphere, the simple red sphere (or without, if necessary). I like having options. Do we have a deal?

    • well, we have a deal, I am sending you the 3 options in high resolution. thanks

    • Terrific. As this is my first time using this site - tell me how this works. I want to award your design as the winner - but it says the contest will then be closed. Will you and I still be able to communicate? Will you be sending me the files via email - or does the exchange occur on this website? (appreciate your patience, as I don't want to make a mistake).

    • has to be through this product, you can ask the help, in my case is also the first time I win

    • Hi there all communication now goes to minor fix/communication area click on download source file button you will see this minor fix communication tab area this article will help guide you

  • Thank you for submitting a design. I like the direction you are going. I like the graphic image in this logo and I like the red ball (circle) you submitted in another design (but the graphic image was too busy). Would it be possible to see the logo with the red ball - but using this graphic image instead? Thanks!
  • Thank you for your entry. We've decided to move forward with another designer that submitted a similar - yet more abstact - version of the image you presented.
  • Thank you for your entry. We didn't feel that your entry had a recognizable, stand alone image that would work without the company name.
  • Thank you for your entry. We've decided to move in a different direction with another submission.
  • Thank you for your entry. The images are too literal and we're looking for a more abstract logo.
  • Sobre n º 16 sent the design changes I hope I understood your request, any information that will help enrich the design I'm at your service
    • Thanks Quicho - we like the direction you are going with the revised desing. Can you see the other submitted designs? If so, please see #14 - as we like that font better. Slimmer - a bit more sleek. Can you revise with a similar font?

  • Hello I have submitted #52, #53 and #54 for your consideration. Please let me know if you would like any changes. Thank you