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We used DC to widen our ideas about our logo. The winner only won because of the original idea he had. Only a few contestant could deliver good ideas, even few were visually appealing. DC was great for this visual brainstorm though.

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Winning design #135 by jpbituin, Logo Design for Triviador - Medieval strategy facebook game Contest
Gold Medal

designed by jpbituin

Project description

Dear Contestants! We have decided to review the logo of our game, so now we turn to you to recreate it. The game is a 3 player strategy and quiz game, you can check it on facebook (it is highly recommended to try out the game to get the whole feeling of it: We would love to see a characteristic yet elegant and powerful logo. Full detail and Black&White versions are also needed. The logo should be able to contain later editions of the game (for example Triviador Mundo, Triviador Brazil etc.)The logo must fit into our existing design too. !This is the most important: There should be at least 1 very characteristic element of the whole logo to be used on thumbnails and icons etc.- an emblem. Right now this is just the letter "T". It can be anything that represents both war and knowledge (i.e a sword and a pen, a book and a cannon, etc.) Feel free to ask any questions!

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  • Hi, what sort of changes would you suggest with mine? thank you
  • about #54 i changed the whole design from shield to this flag with square icons (application icon in FaceBook) with an image of a horse (chess piece), hope you like it. by the way you can use those flags as additional (optional) design in your game. thank you! :D
  • Dear Hazzaps, if you check the game on - you will se that this is not quite the direction of our design. The logo should fit into our existing environments.
  • Hi, could you rate number #49 and provide feedback please! thank you!
  • Designers...... stop the mocups, this is a logo contest. Your entry should have the "logo only" nothing else except the logo
  • #76 Brighten up the color on #12 Thought you'd like to see a revision. Feel free to comment... Thanks; Jctoledo
  • Copy of someone else's design
  • About entries #67, #68 and #69. I created a custom unique font, if you think there are too many effects I can remove some of them or all and make a much more simple design, feel free to rate or eliminate my designs how you feel, like this I know what to do, thank's.
  • dear Vprstudio, thanks for your submissions we are not yet decided on your entries , since even though they are visually nice, not really appliciable for logo usage.
  • Dear Jctoledo, we like the armor shape, the colors are not that important yet! Thanks anyways!
  • Dear Dabbey, we like the concept so far, no modding is necessary.
  • Dear contestants! Some pretty good ideas are rising as I browse the submitted logos. We are getting closer thats for sure. We are thinking about extending the contest one more week! Sharie: Thanks for helping :)
  • dear contest holder, About #82 any changes you would like to see on it, thank you.
  • Please make it a blind contest then...
  • I don't understand you guys!!! If ch rates a design with a shield and is the highest rated design, almost all of you start to do only shields, wtf dudes? You call yourself designers? Where's your creativity? ...
  • hey can you let me know what you think of my entries #137 #138 and #139
  • I made a helmet, I got some rating, now everybody makes a helmet.. very nice, I'm outta here..
  • hi sir, pls see #116 nd give your valuable comments. thank you vipish tp
  • @vprstudio yes you do have a point! but you can deliver your words in a nice way! saying this "You call yourself designers? Where's your creativity? wtf dudes?" [a BIG NONO! to tell them what to do] Its their decision to go on the right direction were the CH rated the highest. and let us give them time to think of another concept! hey dude mind your own work! give respect to others!
  • Greetings CH, design #142 all the elements that are seen are 100% own design so you will not have problems with copyrights, I hope you enjoy a hug!