TROLL: Theatre Repertoire of Our Lady of Lourdes

This contest helped us to find a logo that was exactly what we were looking for. We were able to list our priorities in regards to themes we wanted to see, the the designers listened to our needs and delivered quality work. We're extremely happy to have a modern, clean logo that represents our core values. Thanks!

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Winning design #47 by hollander, Logo Design for TROLL: Theatre Repertoire of Our Lady of Lourdes Contest
Gold Medal

designed by hollander

Project description

We are the only community theater ministry in the LA Archdiocese. Our members are members of the church, but also of the surrounding areas. As a group, we put on a Spring and Fall production, and they are full plays, musicals, revues, cabarets... all kinds of theatrical productions. Our core value is that we use the talents God has given us to put on shows that will in turn give back to the church and local communities. 

We are looking for an original logo design that shows that we are a diverse theater group made up of many talents. We do NOT necessarily have to have a religious themed logo, but if there's a way to work it in, we're not against it. I have included the church's official logo, but this is in no way necessary. If you find a way to work it in, great. If not, no problem. The most important thing is uniqueness. 

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  • Hi, we have an image in our brief which looks like a stain glass image. Do you think you could refer to that image and do a version of this with a color scheme that would fit that blue/purple-ish color? Also, for fun, could you do one that worked in the image from that picture? We really like this one. #32
    • @trollplayers2018 Please check #47 and #48

  • I like the different options, but besides the dancing in the background (which we probably wouldn't use), it's a little generic. Trying to find something that says something about our core values. #26
  • I like these, however even though it's colorful, it's reads a little dated. It reads sort of 70's/80's. Is there a way to see maybe different font options or play with the idea to get it a little more modern but still fun? #42
  • The edit to the cross here is great, and the font is more in line with what we want, I think. #32
  • Used different colors on this one to represent diversity. #41 #42
  • Used the letter 'O' as a spotlight. Hope you like it. #39 #40
  • I like the concept of having the cross in there so that it's not glaringly obvious. We'd like to see other colors besides the pink/orange scheme you have, and the font is maybe a little TOO playful? But, the concept is a good one! #18
    • @trollplayers2018 please check the new font, color combinations and some changes #32 and #33

  • next. #30
  • next. #29
  • I hope you like this, Sir :) #26
  • please check this version , Thanks #22
  • About #18, @hollander Hello. Please check my option. "O" is divided into parts by a cross, each part has an icon of art (singing, comedy, drama, dance)
    If you have any requests, please contact me.
  • please check this version . thanks #15
  • please check this version . thanks #14
  • Got it! ill make some revisions!thank u
  • le envio varios modelos. Espero su comentario #12
  • Please check this version . thanks #8
  • Please check this version . thanks #7
  • About #6, @silyo3s Hi, I like the idea of using the negative space in the “O”, but we definitely want something more colorful and a little more playful
  • I like the playfulness of this one. Could we see something more horizontal, and also working in the actual wording of "theatre repertoire of our lady of lourdes"? #5