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This has been a hectic, exciting, creative process that has given us a professional and great logo. Thanks to all contributors and we would recommend this option to anyone who is in such a process.

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Winning design #22 by GJR, Logo Design for Trond Haukedal Contest
Gold Medal

designed by GJR

Project description

We want a modernization of an existing logo. The client is a psychologist, speaker and recognized author in positive psychology in Norway. One of his message is that we should say to ourselves "good morning sunshine" in the morning when we look in the mirror, that positive self-talk. Hence, our current logo is a sun, a bit naive and childish image. Now we want a new logo, still a sun - positive and contemporary expression.

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  • Hi.I think the colors and the sun is very nice.Can you create a logo where the sun is before or after the text? And the the sun is without bottom line ? You can use this text: Trond Haukedal AS. Feel free to improvice ! Regards Christine
    • GJR

      Hi, Thank you for your feedback. I've submitted #11 with the sun to the left. I also submitted #12 and #13 with a more abstract sun shape. Many Thanks!

    • Hi, I have seen them ;) Been thinking and I find #3 still the most attractive:) I like your portefolio ! Many Thanks !

    • GJR

      Thank you! I'll work on another submission for you.

    • Hi. This is really the way I think our new logo should be-thanks! We take a decision tomorrow but I think we want your product. If you want you can play freely on how you think we are profiling us best :)

    • GJR

      Thank you :) .

  • Hi mrkyle. I really like the logo on a white background and blue lettering. Can you make a mix of 1 and 2? I like the layout of number 1 , but number 2 is more modern and closer to my wishes. Regards Christine
    • Thank you for the great feedback! I have submitted #30 & #31 for your reference. Thanks!

  • Hi Christine Please give me some feedback for my design thanks
    • Hi kwik. I like your work very much, esp #18. Could you please make #18 with the solar core graded, so I can see how it is? Regars Christine

    • thanks for feedback what do you mean "solar core graded?" please let me know thanks

    • The sun full color / no white bands

    • maybe like design #21 ? please let me know thanks

    • #21 = #18 . See previous answer..

    • see my new design thanks

  • Hi momiji10. Very modern and I like that, but a little too simple. The color of the sun can be more orange and warm. Thank you for your contribution!Regards Christne
  • Hi kidray I like the sun! Can it be made slightly larger (more statement) and then use the script to number 7? You can use this text: Trond Haukedal AS. Regards Christine
  • Dear CH, This is my first entry #5, any changes let me know.
  • Hello CH, I have submitted #34. Am I going in the right direction? Thanks, Paul