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Winning design #111 by SCH, Logo Design for True Roof Contest
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designed by SCH

Project description

We need a logo for our new product, True Roof.

True roof is a service for contractors and homeowners after a severe weather event that causes damage to your home.  Most damage is related to wind or hail.  We help homeowners get an accurate scope of repairs and estimate to repair their home so that they can get back to normal.

Here is how it works:
1. Storm causes damage, your insurance adjuster writes you an estimate to replace your roof.

2. Homeowner or contractor uploads the estimate to our website

3. True roof deconstructs the estimate, analyzes third party data sets, and re-writes the estimate identifying scope variances and explaining why we are recommending the differences (and sends you a PDF).

4. The contractor, homeowner and insurance company can then finalize repair estimate.  because it is more accurate, there are less headaches mid project- so everyone is happy.

 We are open to any logo structure.  

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    I wanted you to know that your contest is in expired mode for more than 30 days. The contest is waiting for you to either choose a winner or extend the contest. When contest goes expired designers can not submit entries or post comments. I wanted to also let you know that after you choose a winner you have 7 more days to work with the winning designer on any changes you may need or want.

    Please let us know if you need any help. We can extend the contest for you at no charge if this will help

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  • It's simple all-in-one format with recognizable sign. And of course, it's about roof.
    What will you say? #90
  • About : #80 , #81 , #82 .I added a tagline just in case you want to add your slogan. Also Colors can easily change. Let me know what you think about the designs or if you want any further changes.Thank you.
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  • Please check logo. I will provide you High resolution file and vector scale file if you want. #75
  • I designed this logo to tell your company story at a glance. No clip art; all original (but simple) illustration. Hope you dig it! #74
  • Dear CH, please check all of my designs, It would be great help, if you could give constructive feedback about what direction you have in mind.
    Thank you very much, and have a nice day
  • Another version color of #44. #59
  • Blue it's mean "truth" . #57