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Winning design #234 by sajid2032, Logo Design for True Seeker Records Contest
Gold Medal

designed by sajid2032

Project description

Small record label starting up which has a focus on socially conscious and meaningful music. Logo to be used on website, CD covers, etc. Want something that is legible, that will catch the eye, be remembered, that does not look cheap but also funky enough to fit the purpose.

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  • Keep playing around with this one. Different fonts perhaps, make the E's look more like glasses, change the rotation. But its has potential.
    • thanks for the feedback, you'll get something great :)

  • Hi CH, Please have a look at my entries #49 and #50. Need your feedback to improve. Thanks
  • You are not allowed to use clip art/third party images in logo contests.Source: _
  • Hello CH, DO check out my design #44. Appreciate any comments/ feedback from you. Thanks
  • Hey CH, I just posted #43. Please take a look and provide criticism. Thanks.
  • Good potential and will be comparing it to others. Perhaps, try a few more versions
    • Hello, CH! I really appreciate the feedback. Thank you! :) About #42 This is a revision of entry #32. I changed the position of the text into somehow, more corporate, and the color -- from dark red to dark green, (but the red dot in the center remains as it is, representing the "record" button.) Font style and image still the same... Maybe you tell me more about what you like and what you prefer. Or if you have any color scheme in mind, or a certain font style you wanna see... Just point me if you want me try anything else for you... Thank you so much! :)

  • #41 Thank you for the input. I've made this design more legible per your request. I also added some highlighting on the emblem.
  • Thank you for your design. I would try another color/s and also try to capture the socially conscious side of the label.
    • thank you sir. I will also try to implement it in another color logo "cheers"

    • I like the direction and the different versions you have submitted. Keep going I am considering them against others.

    • thank you Mr skargarian. i will try again for submit my idea

  • This also catches the eye. Try removing the mic and playing around with it,
  • This is nice but im not sure about the image coing out of mic.
  • Keep working on this it has potential. Just need to be a little more tighter perhaps. Try increasing the size of the "records"
  • Very interesting concept of music and a tree. Very interested to see more from you.
  • Thanks. Try bringing it all closer together and integrating the waves more.
  • You cant go wrong with this but try making it a little more crisp and original.
  • Simple but very nice. Will be considering this one against others. Would like to see a few more from you.
  • Different style to what I was looking for but will be considering it as it has caught my eye.
  • Thanks but need to be more professional.
  • Try making it look a little more crisp.
  • Thanks. Its original but Im not sure how this would be used as a website logo or on CD covers.
  • Thanks. Its a little too retro but its nice.