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Winning design #64 by joekong, Logo Design for TrueCurrency Contest
Gold Medal

designed by joekong

Project description

All too often, international travelers miss out on opportunities to save money when shopping abroad. Simple currency conversions do not give you the whole story about actual product values, and trying to understand the complexities can be time-consuming and difficult. Our goal is to change that. We've developed sophisticated algorithms that perform analysis on product pricing across countries to determine the best values from one location to the next. To power these algorithms, we're building the world's first database that stores actual product prices from across the globe-- and it's growing more and more every day. We're demystifying real price differences by giving you the tools and knowledge to improve your spending power abroad.

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  • Too plain and simple.
  • Thank you. Like the font, but not the logo.
  • Hello, If you have any suggestions for my submission, #3, please let me know.
    • Best so far.... Close, but not exactly what strikes me as the perfect logo. Combing the globe with money perhaps?

  • Design 28-30 are interesting but if you could try the following. The font is good but as much as I like the colors, we have a web site that is blue, gray and gold so might have to use that palate. Second, it is a little busy - try eliminating the two graphics on the top left and bottom right. Now the bigger priority is that while the bar code is interesting - i.e. its modern, a little edgy all cool things we'd like to retain - but it doesn't really fit. If there is some other abstraction you can come up with that represents global, currencies, commerce, innovation and those types of themes, that would be great. I know that's not a lot to go on but I like the bar codes and perhaps there is another type of concept or a modification of it that makes it a hair "friendlier" if that makes sense?
    • Design 43-20 are different variations of using the bar code - for example bar code looking like a city or a Little Prince planet. The truth is the more you change a bar code the less it looks like bar code:-).The first thing you think about when looknig on a bar code is a price - that's why I used it. QR code is also similar to that - it has just more information than a bar code. Regards

  • Like entry 13. Clean, good use of fonts, colors and threaded globe. Might be close. Just want to see one thing. Perhaps add a couple of currency symbols at the left curvatures of the threads of globe so that you should say only GBP (which is a kind of L), Japanese Yen (which is a Y with a cross through it and Euro (which is a E rounded. Check out for samples of those cry symbols.
  • Entry 19 is also interesting but kind of plain. I like the starkness of it along with the non-conventional globe/circle with the rectangles. however It needs some pizzaz of sorts or maybe the circle is made smaller in away to highlight the True Currency instead. Anyway, having difficulty expressing where to go with this. I like the starkness, color scheme is fine but instead of gray might need to use a gold color and then the globe. While we like the currency symbols and representation it is a little overused so if there are any new ideas on how to incorporate currency symbols or some abstraction of them into it, then that could work.
  • Sir, My entries are #59 and #60, I need your feedback/reply.Thank you
  • #82, #83, #84 Please check out my design proposals. Clean, simple, meaningful. Icon represents flow of money/cash, stylized as a star. Perfect for branding! Thanks.
  • Hi, please check out my entry #69 and #75 . Please give some feedback. Kind regards