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Winning design #80 by operhal, Logo Design for TruFusion Yoga Contest
Gold Medal

designed by operhal

Project description

Luxurious and modern, TruFusion Yoga is the next evolution of yoga and fitness offering four studios in one. It is a new concept in yoga studios that offers fitness classes such as Kettlebell, TRX and Pilates as well as different styles of traditional and hot yoga all in one place. There is a core of yoga throughout all classes but it varies based on the goal of the class thus it being a yoga studio above all else while being completely unique to existing yoga studios. There will be four rooms; three heated and one non-heated. The TRX room (heated) will be the largest in the world offering more than 50 TRX straps. The second and third heated rooms will be for hot Pilates, Kettlebell and yoga. The fourth room will be non-heated and offer traditional yoga such as Ashtanga and other variety of classes like Barre yoga, salsa/dance fitness class, kids yoga, etc. The creators named it "TruFusion Yoga" because we want to offer cross training in various disciplines, getting better results quicker, promoting both peace of mind and fit of body. We welcome all styles and all disciplines, thus we are a "fusion" of fitness and yoga, heated and traditional styles. Building bridges between the three worlds of fitness, hot yoga and traditional yoga, which have typically been isolated into their own groups/studios/gyms, thus a fusion of all things for everyone in the hopes of creating a sanctuary for boundless wellness. We like this yoga posture because it is a modern/fusion spin on the traditional scorpion yoga pose (again, an evolution of the traditional and familiar): You can use the silhouette if you like, but it isn't necessary. Since we are talking about a merging of disciplines and styles, we like the idea of a storm, or melting pot. We are drawn to this image by Salvador Dali because of the merging of the clouds and colors representing a melting pot or "the perfect storm" - again, colliding of different disciplines. The colors selected as part of the package are ok, but we really like the colors of this Dali image or a beach or desert sunset. Gold/bronze, deep/rich blues. Our industry, although sports and recreation is selected as part of the package, is really all about wellness and service. We want to give a healthy lifestyle to as many people as possible in a luxurious environment. Our price point will be low but our standard of service and the excellence of our classes/teachers/facilities will be among the best in the business.

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  • Hi! Thank you for rating my designs #2 and #3. If you have any changes you would like to make, please feel free... Thanks!
    • Hi! Can you change the colors to more of the blue and gold from the Dali photo we shared? Also, we love the T as the pose, but it doesn't instantly pop as a yoga pose. Can you make the pose more apparent?

    • Sure, I will work on that a submit new entries shortly. Thanks for the feedback!

    • Hi! Please check #43 and #45 with different colors and poses. Your feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  • Dear Ch, please be so kind and check my new entry #29 - I changed color scheme - more like Dali picture and I make a line with colors between earth and sky. I hope you like it. Best regards
    • Really like it! Shared some comments above. Thanks!

  • Dear CH, Thank you for your rating! Is there anything you would like to change, improve? Please let me know. Best regards
  • Just checking in that you are creating one like this with the kettle bell. Thanks again!
    • Sorry for delay - there it is version with kettle bell, please check #64

  • hi CH. #63 is the update of my design. will appreciate any comments. thanks!
  • Nice! Just looks like the verbiage isn't centered for the ones where the logo is to the left. Can you bring verbiage up a bit?
    • I just have notice that - and you said the same. :) Sure, I will fix that

    • There it is - #62 is centered and I add that version on black and white too

  • Can you remove the dot from the 'I" in TruFusion and update it so that the stamp/logo is consistent with the others in the bottom right hand? Should be perfect after that.
    • There it is - please take a look #61 - no more dots on "I" :)

  • Excited to see this one with the bottom right updated and the logo to the left side of the verbiage laid over both cream and black backgrounds. Definitely need to see it in all versions; black/white, color version laid over black, color version laid over the cream and both with the logo over top the verbiage and to the left of it.
    • Updated version of #24 - please check this new entry #60 with all combinations :) dot on "I" stay?

  • Getting there! Can you give her a bit of bangs and a little nose? Also, don't think we need the black and white version of this one. But still need the color version laid on black.
    • There it is - version with little nose and bangs :) please take a look #59

  • Can we also see this version with our two silhouettes infused into it? The kettle bell and the yoga pose in a mid- to dark-gray? Black will probably not blend well. Also, update the lower right side as you did the others. Thank you for tweaking these for us! From the feedback we have received from all team members and colleagues, yours is looking like the winner. We just need to get it finalized. Thank you! ;)
    • Hi again, there it is #58 updated version of #24 - please check and let me know. :)

  • More hair, please. It's still not clear enough. Also, can you update #50 as well with this new silhouette? We are trying to decide between your originals with the blue and gold and more of the color separation and the new ones we requested with it more mixed. Also, make sure you aren't using more circles than your original. Love the correction to the bottom right hand...
    • Please check this new update for #50 - now is #56 :) I hope I will not confuse you with all this new entries :) Update for #52 - now is #57 - I add more hair :)

  • Can we see this one in black and white? It looks like the new one you created has more circles in it. We love the original black and white one you did with the multi-colors, #24. We don't like more circles, it is starting to look too overwhelming. We like the crispness of #24, it's more clear than the new one, #53.
    • I understand what you mean - i will made correction right away best regards

    • There it is - please take a look of version #55 - it is the same as #24 :)

  • Can you update it to be a competition kettle bell? They are the more rounded versions. You can google image it to see the difference.
  • hi CH. i would like to have your suggestion on my design #44 and #41.... thanks...
    • Like #44, it's good. We are considering it for other applications. I'm waiting on feedback from my kettle bell manager. I'll let you know!

  • We will need a logo without anything infused into it as well, so this can be updated with the same three points I gave on the others. Please include a black background and one in black and white as well. It's looking great! Everyone is loving it. Thank you!
    • Hi again, there it is correction for #42 - please check this version #53

  • Hi again! For all of your new entries, we want to see the blue and gold circles dispersed throughout the circle, not separated into sections like they are now. Also, we need to see all of these on a black background. I understand why you have given them a color background to match the logo, but we have to think about printing on black shirts so need to see those options. Finally, regarding all versions again, we don't need to flow of the circles into the verbiage. Just keep the circles to themselves and the verbiage to itself. I.E - not dot on the I in TruFusion. For this entry specifically, can you give her a bit of a hair do? It's obvious it's a female given the boobs, but it looks weird that she is bald. So, maybe a pony tail or a few wisps of hair somehow? Also, speaking of boobs, her boob seems to be falling in the wrong direction given she's upside down. Can you perk them up a bit? :) The size is good, we don't want them any bigger. Just more smooth against her body.
    • Dear CH, I hope I understand everything correctly - please check #52 and let me know. I am here for every corrections you have in mind. best regards

  • Same feedback on this one... 1) the circles should be dispersed around the entire logo, not separated into sections above and below. 2) we need to see it on a black background as well as the cream one. 3)you can update the bottom right section where it was flowing into the letter I. We need to be able to use this as a stamp on it's own, without any lettering or verbiage attached. Otherwise, the kettle bell looks good. We'd love to see all versions in black and white as well as color.
    • Thank you on you feedback I will work on corrections and post it soon as possible. best regards

  • Hi! Thank you for your submission! We really like your design so were hoping you could provide a few more versions for us to consider. 1) can you create one in the blue and gold without a yoga pose in it? 2) one with the yoga pose we provided laid within/on top of it? 3) one with a kettlebell laid within/on top of it? If you aren't sure what one is, just google image it. :) Thanks!
    • Also, we love how you have it laid out but we need to see the image to the left of the company name as well. Thanks again!

    • Hello! Thank you for your feedback, I am glad to hear that you like my designs! I will make those changes soon as possible. best regards

    • Excited to see them! Just got my own feedback from the team and it needs to be a competition kettlebell...

    • Hi, there it is first version - blue and gold without a yoga pose in it, please check #40 and there is also version with logo on the left

    • Looking good! Can you remove the dot on the i for the one where the logo is on the left?

    • I did that, so please check #42 and let me know best regards

    • hi, there it is - version with scorpion yoga pose - please check #46 and let me know what you think best regards

    • Oops. Wrong scorpion pose. Since we are a fusion yoga, we wanted a non-traditional yoga pose so this is the one the team wants: Also, if it can be more incorporated into the circles, more like you did the first time around. We want to be able to see the pose clearly but not so clearly outlined. Make sense? Like, she is infused into the circles - one with them but still visible.

    • Dear CH, please check this new scorpion pose #50 - now is more infused into the circle. best regards

  • Hi again, please check this version #47 with kettlebell and let me know is that you have in mind? :)
    • We are thinking just the competition kettle bell, not someone using a kettle bell. And the same note as gave before applies... infused into the circles but still visible and clear. Going on the "fusion" theme.

    • hi, please check this options #49 :) and let me know - i hope I understand well :)

  • Hi Ch, #44 on your list... ready for any revision. thanks!